Lesson from the ex

Posted by James, 15 Apr

Exes! If there was a pill that could do some selective erasing of the Ex memories, or if our brains could just be formatted like a comp … if … if…

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We all love to just move on after that break up. But then again, are break ups really that bad? We don’t just come out empty. We come out with something better – LESSONS.

Did you come out of that relationship of yours with some lesson or did you come out empty? What have you learned from a past love?

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  1.   FurryJeans says:
    Posted: 22 May 10

    Life is not called the School of Hard Knocks for nothing, and the lessons I learn make me what I am.

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  2.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 01 Mar 10

    Each person who crosses our path provides us with a learning opportunity. If I learned nothing from an ex, that is my fault, not hers. I live. I learn. I grow. If nothing changes about me, nothing changes for me.

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  3.   nycoaco says:
    Posted: 12 Oct 08

    I came away from my ex with a lesson, and learn from my past mistake, grown into a more mature, person and moved on in life. I am more happier now because I can do what I want, with our having someone monitoring my every move, and abusing me.Thank God, I am alive to talk about it.

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  4.   tibou says:
    Posted: 28 Aug 08

    I came out of my last relationship with some lessons and I really don't think that it helps to be negative and consider that everything was bad. I am stronger now and I can thanks God to open my eyes before I made a mistake (stay longer). Experiences are good even if they hurt sometimes.

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