Is sex really natural?

Posted by James, 28 Aug

navbarlogo.jpgHere is something to think about: why is it that the most fascinating subject known to mankind is the most difficult for a couple to talk about?

Most people believe that sex is natural… some say it’s as natural as breathing hence they see no need to discuss it. Why should you bother discussing it… after all, anything as natural as sex should just occur spontaneously, without any planning or discussions.

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Well, the above notion is quite true to some point… as long as everything functions as it should. So what will happen when you and your better half encounter some malfunction?

Most couples fall into the trap of believing that your partner should be sensitive enough to meet all your sexual desires without having to be guided. So how is one supposed know what you like or want? Unless you tell me your partner has a PhD in mind reading. :lol:

There was a time a lady friend of mine told me that she does not see why she should tell her husband what makes her tick in bed. “We’ve been married for 12 f**king years. If he does not know by now, then he never will᾿. She also said she fears that once she tells him, then things won’t be the same. “I want him to do it because he loves me᾿.

So what’s love got to do with leaving her husband in the dark regarding her sexual preferences because of her belief in his mind reading prowess? And definitely if her husband fails to read her mind correctly he will be labeled unloving, selfish and inconsiderate.

Is this really fair? Most people don’t sense the need to talk about sex, or are uncomfortable or feel that talking about sex isn’t romantic. I think if you want to have superior sex, then you are going to have to make known your sexual desires. Talk with each other about your desires. Or would you rather sentence yourself to years of bad sex because you think sex is natural?

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  1.   sam says:
    Posted: 08 Jul 10

    Is that a question? Is sex natural? Well, yes.

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  2.   Smile4242 says:
    Posted: 13 Jan 10

    Well, sex is natural in the regard that males and females after the age of puberty have a natural desire or curiosity about sex, flirting, relationships and physical & intimate contact, unless suppressed because of abuse or trauma. Even if a male and female learned nothing about sex, they would be inclined to eventually have sex if there is enough intimacy there. In other words, if you leave a couple alone on an island, teach them nothing about sex, and they like each other more than friends, eventually they will most likely have sex, even knowing nothing about it. In fact there are documented cases of children left on an island being discovered years later with their own children. In fact, one such story was made into a movie. So, in that sense, it is totally natural, in that we are programmed to desire and even figure out how to have sex. Now, keep in mind that from a biological standpoint, the sex does not have to be enjoyable, it just has to get the female pregnant to be successful. So sex is natural. Making sex enjoyable is probably natural too, except most people suppress the sexual animal inside them and are too self-conscious to really enjoy sex and please their partners.

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  3. Posted: 18 Sep 08

    This would be an emphatic Hell NO! - I would never..ever..sentence myself to years of bad sex simply because I am not able to communicate what works and what doesn't work with my partner. I can't even believe this warrant's a discussion. If you are in a committed relationship and are not able to tell your partner what turns you on and how much - then something is seriously wrong. Sex is not the only component to a great relationship but it sure is nice if it's the kind that makes you wanna.... What does it even mean when you say that talking about sex isn't romantic? If you are in a committed relationship - your partner is your best friend.. how hard can it be? Lawd! It's baffling to really is!

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  4.   navymoon1 says:
    Posted: 30 Aug 08

    Birds do it, bees do natural as nature. The body has a built in mechanism to let it know when it needs to relieve itself (some call it stress, horniness, turned on, etc.) I don't really have a problem telling my partner what I like or dislike, trying new things or new positions or new toys (you get the picture) with each other or one of us pleasing the other. On the flip side we should understand that not everyone is going to like what you've done with a previous partner. We may all have that drive to relieve ourselves sexually but we also have difference preferences as to what gets our juices flowing, what keeps them flowing and when we have been totally satisfied. Sex is natural - experimenting and exploring are second nature. As for me there is a line that I won't cross. What is that line? You'll never know unless I tell you.

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  5.   Brian7549 says:
    Posted: 02 Sep 07

    I totally agree with this. Of the relationships I have had. It's been like pulling teeth to have my woman tell me what it is she likes and doesn't like. Most of the time it turns into a guessing game that maybe she will like me to try such and such. Or sex becomes plain and routine and becomes stale. I'm totally comfortable talking about sex with my woman. I wish more of them were just as comfortable.

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