Happy New Year

Posted by James, 01 Jan

So what should your resolutions be?

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One thing that is important is to make realistic resolutions; not absolute ones. For example, instead of saying you wont get angry anymore, resolve to get angry less often. Choose things you really want and not something that you think other people might like to see you do. If the motivation isn't within you, then you may not succeed with those resolutions.

Romantic New Year's resolutions aren't just a good idea if you are starting out. They are a great idea all through ones adult life. If you already have someone, try loving them better. Give each other surprises - wonderful of course. ;-) And of you are still looking for someone, resolve to get out more. Your chances of meeting someone interesting are much higher when you expand your social horizons. Try online dating and you will be amazed at how many interesting people you will meet.

Focus on becoming a better person. And if he doesn't call when he says he will or she keeps canceling dates, then MOVE ON!

Resolutions are a great idea especially if they bring two people together, help a new relationship off to a good start or make a good one stronger. So give yours a good thought this year and make a success of them.

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 09 Apr 10

    I guess I missed this one! I wish everyone a happy and hopeful year. The new year starts every day!

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  2. Posted: 02 Jan 08

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