Flirting Boyfriends

Posted by James, 25 Sep

flirt.jpgIf he loves me so much as he insists, why does he flirt with almost every woman that passes his way? I have heard this sentence from enough women. He flirts with the waitress, my friends, even with my mother :roll:

Most women have had to deal with flirtatious men. And when the culprit is asked, you know the usual answer “Hon, this is just who I am. I would never ever cheat on you.᾿ Reassuring? Not to a woman.

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Well, women have always been led to believe that checking out other women and flirting is just a guy thing. It makes men feel they still got game. However, most men feel that much as it’s normal to flex muscles, some guys take it too far – did I just hear someone say sell out? It’s like they are so insecure that they constantly need attention from as many women as possible.

If your chick doesn’t like it and complains about it and finds the habit demeaning, then that should be reason enough to convince you to rein it… that is if you love your woman as much as you claim to.

So a dude may claim that he will never cheat on his woman, but does that give him the right to size up a waitress's butt? Don’t you think this is as bad as screwing? Men, so we love to check ‘em out but seriously, there should be a limit. But I think women can get pretty flirtatious too. No?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 05 Apr 10

    If I do everything I can do to make my significant other feel secure in our relationship, that's a good start. The fine line between flirting and being charming is a huge wall if both parties in a relationship are made to feel secure.

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  2.   Smile4242 says:
    Posted: 13 Jan 10

    One issue I see sometimes is what one person thinks it is flirting, the other is actually just being nice to people.

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  3.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 29 Jul 09

    We all know that men look at other women and women also look at other men. After all, we're not dead and anyone that says they don't look is a liar. Once you enter into a relationship with someone, one needs to know how far to go with the flirting AND I don't think a man/woman should ever flirt with someone else in front of their mate. That is crossing the line and it's also disrespectful. The reality of it is, some people don't think about how their actions effect those closest to them (boyfriends/girlfriends or husbands/wives). If I voice to my man that I don't like or appreciate when he does that and it falls on deaf ears, then I need to re-evaluate our relationship. I can't see myself being with someone that does not consider or care how his actions effect me negatively. For the record, it's not a control's a respect thing.

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  4. Posted: 18 Jan 09

    Wow another great topic indeed! Ok I have been with the overly flirtatious man. He got dropped fast. One guy had the audacity to do this while I was on a date with him and wondered why it was only "a date" and not several. He even wanted to say "lets start over" as if we both needed to redo the date. I told him no you need to start over with someone else. I'm good. What I've noticed is if the guy is not that attractive then he really goes overboard. Maybe he feels you outrank him on attractiveness and he needs to reassure himself that he can attract as many women as you can men. There is an issue with his self worth. This is also the guy that spends more time in the mirror than you do or talks about his possessions. He needs to feel completely over the moon to everyone around you or needs to take the eyes off you by switching them to him. That guy be careful of. He may go both ways or he might be jealous of you. If you want to teach this person a lesson in humility then do as they do. Being that you're an attractive woman you will not even have to try hard. That's the difference. You can look at a guy across the room 1 second too long and he'll be in your face within minutes. Or you can just strike up a conversation. If you've been with this person a while and their habit of flirting has gotten worse. What they are doing is trying to spark an argument, or they may actually be shopping. Yeah who brings their girlfriend out when they are shopping for a new woman is a real piece of trash. The sad part is that less attractive women will actually be dumb enough to bite on this twisted hook. Yes you know those women out there that try to feel better about themselves but attempting to steal someone's man. Now she really didn't take him from you because he was already long gone. But many men would tell me that once they bring a cute lady out with them that women think they are actually with, these women are all over them. As if taking this man will make them feel more attractive. So the behavior of dumb and low self esteem women aids in the flirting behavior. Another great option is to just walk away or leave. Let him continue without an audience. It's funny how little this man you're with has to say when you're not around. Like he lost the desire to talk. Think of it as taking the wind out of his sails. Now he could still end up hooking up with this girl. But make sure not to walk away mad. Or even better walk away and talk to a guy. The insecurity of this guy will go through the roof and he will immediately be by your side. Ohh and try to talk to someone either slightly or alot more attractive than the guy you're with . That will really put things in perspective. Another thing which may run on the pathetic tacky side: Give the girl he's talking to a nice embrace, then give him a nice sultry hug, say something like : I'll let you two talk with a sexy eyebrow rase and wink at her as you leave. She'll think you're trying a damn 3 some and back the hell up. She'll probably even back away from him thinking man those two are out shopping for a girl to sleep with them both. How sick!! Then again. She may be curious and then you'll have a problem on your hands for real. Now a days people are open to alot of things so be careful with that last one. Sometimes you gotta have a little fun with people like this. Now blatant gawking is Unacceptable!! If you're with someone who does this then you shouldn't be with him anymore. To me after a certain age a man should know better. If he is doing this not only is he disrespecting you but he's allowing you to see how little he thinks of you. To me I feel it's deliberate. You cant just gawk at a woman and not think that no one is going to see you. If she was walking with her bodybuilder boyfriend notice how he glances really quick and doesn't even take the chance to look again in fear of a confrontation with her boyfriend. That says it all. What people will and will not due based on the situation. How many men do you see flirt with a woman who is with her boyfriend? hmm none. Why is that? Fear of injury? ok i think I murdered this topic enough. Hope my thoughts have been helful:) much blue love always ~bluebronxtail:) All is fair in Love and War... now is it?

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  5.   drmom4u says:
    Posted: 11 Oct 08

    I think that this is a matter of personal preference and what one is willing to TOLERATE and what you think of YOURSELF. I understand that men can be highly visual people, as can women, but you can best believe there would be HOWLS of righteous indignation, along with liberal use of the "s" word if a woman were to do this as blatantly as I've seen some men. In my mind, the difference between a man and a GENTLEMAN is that the gentleman may wish to look but can do so discretely and without causing his date discomfort. I may not be Miss America, but the fact remains that the MAN asked me out or at least AGREED to the date. In that case, I believe I am due the respect of you sharing your time and attention with me. Otherwise I have a LOT of work or fun things I can do with friends who value me as a person and don't need to 'feel up' the waitress with their eyes. Friends who also don't think that behavior is acceptable and then at the end of the date want to sample the merchandise. And before someone says women are the same - yes I have a couple of acquaintances like that and one lost a nice guy because of it. I told her she had it coming.

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