Dating Amnesia

Posted by James, 26 Apr

Have you ever had dating amnesia? Well let me be your doctor and give you the symptoms. Ever been on a date only to realize later that you don’t remember the name of the person you went on a date with? And no matter how much you dig in that skull of yours, no name pops up. All you remember is how sloppy the kisses were, how good she was in bed… You know you have it :lol:

Now that’s a man’s world for you. And men don't just forget names, they forget even the unforgettable moments... that moment before the first kiss, birthdays, anniversaries... I wish I had a woman here so I could give you the complete list.

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I was watching some comedy where this dude forgot the girl’s birthday. And when the chic lashed out, he said “Happy Birthday… that’s for next year᾿

I agree how demeaning it is but who can blame dude on a date with sexy mama for sitting there and drooling over the sexy cleavage, luscious lips to the point of having selective amnesia? Thing is, no harm is usually meant.

Ladies, can you please find it in you to forgive us for the partial amnesia? And speaking my fellow men who have it, we are not in denial. We admit we have it. That’s the first step…

Dudes I think its time to do some damage control. We need reminders on our phones for all the anniversaries (first kiss anniversary, first month dating anniversary…) and pray hard that the phone don’t comatose on you. We also need the name tags on the cleavages maybe to refresh our minds better… just kidding ;-)

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 11 Apr 10

    I have a reputation for remembering and I've earned it. Even so, there are times... And as Ms. Mustang14u stated, it certainly goes both ways and when I'm asked the same question for a third time (not on the same date. At least that's something) I start to wonder. LOL

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  2.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 29 Jul 09

    I have to say I'm guilty of this but I will remember your name if nothing else. Now, if we should lose contact over a certain period of time, I may forget your name, as well. I think people put way too much emphasis on NOTHING. I say live life in the moment and if you remember the little things, great but if not, don't make an issue out of it.

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  3.   eric_t says:
    Posted: 19 Nov 08

    I think it hurts both parties but the media and possibly women communicate that hurt more openly then men. Forgetfulness happens but seriously..., forgetting someone's name after having sex with them? That's cold. I'm not sure that it's all that much of a laughing matter. But I also think sleeping around is extremely self serving to an almost sociopathic degree. Darn it, I think I just clinched some hate mail for this one. It's just my view on things. It doesn't need to be an insult. Take it how you will.

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  4.   Mustang14u says:
    Posted: 18 Jul 07

    I hate to spill the beans but its not gender related. I am all woman and forget the least little things. But answer me this why is it when women forget its an unforgivable im so hurt you dont remember type of crap. Shot im human too. So i dont remember how many years weve been together and no i dont remember what year we got together. If i knew that i would know how many years weve been together. What is this a trick question. LOL. I do remember what i wore on our first date. It was a hot little outfit. Of course i remember that. I dont remember our fist kiss. I dont know where we went and please stop asking me if i remember when you proposed. Now this could mean two things. I blocked it out or it wasnt worth remembering in the first place. I do remember you look hot in a pair of speedo's, I do remember you look better bald. I remember a lot of stuff none worth mentioning here. LOL.

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  5.   Nice2meet says:
    Posted: 09 Jun 07

    nice to meet some nice one

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  6.   Fala says:
    Posted: 30 Apr 07

    Dating amnesia? Wow that sounds like a serious problem.

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