Aprons on men

Posted by James, 13 Sep

apron.jpgThey say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach… that was before women found that men value certain anatomical parts more highly than their stomachs. Fewer people now buy into that line. Would it have stuck around longer if it was billed as the way to a woman’s heart?

The concept of the kitchen-happy man is being readily embraced by women. Cooking is being seen as a chick magnet by most men. This is one secret weapon that doesn’t make a man stoop to borrowing your sister’s baby or stealing some neighbor’s kid’s puppy to make an impression.

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A pal of mine managed to secure the approval of his girlfriend’s girls by employing simple tactics of yellow tail in lemon butter sauce, baked potatoes with cream cheese and fresh green salad. It’s been five years and the menu hasn’t grown at all. But you know what, it serves the purpose… it seduces a girl, impresses her friends with no stolen puppy in sight.

Much as most men have no problem when it comes to outdoor grilling, it’s the man who can tear it up in the kitchen, that earns points. When I asked most of my female friends, they agreed to this. It’s like there is an added bonus for any man that can cook up a gourmet feast and perform the overwhelming task of kitchen detail afterwards.

Talking from experience, a woman once fell head over heals in love with me coz of my cooking. After cooking for her on the first date, I started seeing clothes being moved into my crib one by one. And the “honey, I miss your cooking᾿ never ceased. And whenever I cooked for her, damn!... did I get rewarded somewhere else ;).

It’s not like I'm saying it only takes a man to cook for a woman to take her panties off. NO!! But is it safer to say that the tables have turned? That the way to a woman’s heart is through a man’s cooking art?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 25 Mar 10

    I have always found that cooking in the kitchen has a positive effect on "cooking" elsewhere. And it is really an intimate experience to be in the kitchen with a woman preparing a meal that we then share while watching a DVD or just talking.

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  2.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 29 Jul 09

    There's nothing sexier than a man that do the damn thing in the kitchen. Man, I"d love to find one that would cook for me. It's usually me doing the cooking *sigh*

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  3.   Tommy says:
    Posted: 02 Oct 07

    Hello, If you read my other post in the other section. YOu will see that i am italian and i love to cook for females. But only if that woman is special enough to deserve it. I cook all the best italian food , chicken parm, egglplant rollitini, stuffed past shells, fresh motzerlla and sundried tomatoes. I also am into cooking and baking all the italian pasteries such as canolies , napoleans, rainbow cookies and more. I make fresh cappachino with my own home machine. I dont mind cooking for females . I cooked for my ex GF , she was africian american. Black women are the sexiest creatures alive. I am going to behonest and say that God created them and definetly out did himself. All a black woman has to do is stare at you and she is automatically sexy when she glances over at you. Its something in the genes. They have the best of both worlds and mixes of all worlds. There diversity makes them sexy Godessess.As you can see , i have no problem in admitting my weaknesses. Their shape, body and facial features make them flawless. They should all be worshipped and treated with love and respect. The next time i see a man treating a black woman with disrespect , i am going to step up and rescue her and then bring her man back to show him what hes missing... any single black intellegent professional beautiful caring woman , please hit me, I am looking for a Godess to start a future with and never look back in the past P.S. I am a school teacher, i have a rotweiler, a car paid off, my own home (but i rent) , and im planning on opening up a music school , and i can serenade you since i been playing the piano at the age of 5.

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