5 reasons I love being an interracial dater

Posted by Joshua Pompey, 09 Sep

As someone who lives, breathes, and writes about online dating for a living, I have probably been on more dates than many men walking this earth over the past three years. There’s no denying that I’ve had a blast during this time period. Between the fun dates I’ve had, the interesting women I’ve met, and the just plain bizarre dates that will keep me laughing for years, if anything, online dating has never been anything short of exciting.

But it wasn’t until this past year that one woman I met truly stole my heart online. The woman that tamed serial dater Joshua Pompey. And we just so happen to be an interracial couple.

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While there are many people in society that still look upon interracial relationships with judgment, I wouldn’t trade my girlfriend for the world. In fact, I actually prefer to be in an interracial relationship. In this article I will be discussing five reasons why I would recommend interracial relationships to anyone who is looking to form a happy and fulfilling relationship.

1. The learning experiences.

Different backgrounds bring different knowledge and experiences to the world. Sure, I could date someone who is also white and Jewish, and I’d have plenty of things in common with that person. But how much am I really growing as a person if we have the same family history, background, and traditions?

This type of relationship doesn’t always make for the greatest learning experience. It’s just more of the same. Interracial dating provides me with the best of worlds. The amount I have learned from my partner, as well as her parents and extended family, has been incredible and fascinating. This is all knowledge that I would have never had such intimate access to if I wasn’t with my current girlfriend.

2. The food.

There is no doubt that food is the key to this man’s heart. Being in a relationship with a woman who is half Russian and half Dominican has opened my palette to the types of home cooked meals that I’ve never experienced in over thirty years of living. Let’s just say, my Jewish mother’s version of a home cooked me was heating up bagel bites for thirty minutes. Just thinking about my partners cooking gets me salivating like Pavlov’s dog!

3. The holidays.

Doubling the backgrounds in a relationship also doubles the holidays and traditions. This means more gifts, more great food, and more fun. Not to mention an extra five pounds on my stomach. A small price to pay though, no?

4. The inherit good qualities within.

When you are dating someone of another race, it shows a lot about that person’s character. Being with a person who isn’t bothered by skin color means that if anything, this person is open-minded, non-judgmental, and values love above anything else. These are all qualities that anybody should strive for in a healthy relationship.

5. The physicality.

Let’s be real. Different races are known for having different physical features that are prominent. Without getting too graphic, certain races tend to bring certain physical attributes to the table more than others. I for one will never find myself complaining about my girlfriend’s body, that’s for sure!

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