10 Great Romantic Date Ideas If You Live In Chicago

Posted by Leticia, 14 Jan

So you live in the Chicago area, and are wracking your brains, trying to think of a great, romantic first date idea to impress your girl with. Worry not, just read on, and we’ll outline some of the best possibilities in the area. This, of course, just scratches the surface. Chicago is a fantastic city with endless possibilities.

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1) The Adler Planetarium

I know what you’re thinking, planetariums don’t seem all that romantic, right? Then again, star gazing is romantic, no matter where you are (indoors or out). A darkened room, you and your love interest, what’s not to like? And, if she’s got a cerebral side, she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of a museum visit. You can turn most anything into a romantic date with a bit of thought and planning, and this is a fine venue for it.

2) Grant Park

With more than 360 beautiful acres to explore, there are all sorts of hidden glens the two of you can slip into in order to be alone, even in a public place. It’s wide open, and yet, strangely intimate. Right on the lake, and filled with gorgeous vistas, if your love interest has a thing for the outdoors, this could be just the ticket.

3) The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

There’s one feature of this place that makes it the perfect romantic afternoon, and that is the butterfly haven. Before you go, pack a spray bottle filled with a mix of sugar and water. As you enter the haven, spray you and your date with the water. The butterflies will be drawn to the mixture on your skin and land on both of you in large numbers. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of romance and magic to the afternoon.

4) The Chicago Riverwalk

With some of the most spectacular views of the best architectural examples in this city famous for its gorgeous buildings, the Riverwalk will leave her spellbound and wide-eyed with wonder. A perfect place to take in a sunset together after an afternoon spent exploring.

5) Lincoln Park

Named in honor of our sixteenth President, this beautiful park is tucked in along the lakeshore and is a wonder. Within sight of the city, and yet there are plenty of places that feel private and secluded. Another perfect venue if your love interest has a passion for nature. You almost can’t help but hold hands as you explore the grounds together.

6) Book An Architecture River Tour

While the Riverwalk is gorgeous, there’s something magical about being on the water. Combine that with a tour of the best examples of architecture the city has to offer, and you’ve got the makings of a romantic, fabulous, unforgettable date. Let the river work its magic on your new love interest and at the end of the tour, watch the sun set together. Remember it can get chilly at night on the water, so bring a nice warm blanket to share.

7) Wine Tasting

If your partner has a refined side, she’ll probably be thrilled with the idea of heading to Fox River Valley for a wine tasting tour. Some of the venues will take you outside of Chicago proper, but for the right kind of girl, this idea has all the makings of an absolutely unforgettable date.

8) Dinner Cruise

Take your date on a romantic dinner cruise on Lake Michigan aboard one of the sumptuous liners that call the city home. Great music, fantastic food, dancing, and watching the sun set from the deck of the ship, it all combines to create an unforgettable, romantic experience for your new love interest that will keep her coming back for more.

9) The Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago is almost as well-known for its stunning architecture as it is for its pizza. Take your date here for a magical evening. Filled with beautiful exhibits and eye popping domes, you and your date will have plenty to talk about over an intimate little dinner later. Just be sure to tell her to bring her camera. She’ll probably want an extra memory card too, because there are so many things to photograph here. This could be an unforgettable evening in the making.

10) The Lookingglass Theatre Company

If your girl’s tastes run to the more refined, treat her to a night at the theater. The LookingglassTheatre is well known for its clever staging and stunning performances, so there’s sure to be plenty to talk about over dinner afterwards, and since you’re already all dressed up for a night out on the town, why not enjoy it together? Start here and give her a night she won’t soon forget.

We could go on and on – it is Chicago, after all, and there are as many fun, romantic things to do here as there are grains of sands on North Avenue beach. This though, should at least get you started. Think about your girl’s likes and interests, and pick the date that seems to best align with them. Best of luck, and here’s hoping you have a wonderfully romantic evening.

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