Wireless connections in bed

Posted by James, 22 Apr

Big-screen Tvs, smart phones, laptops … Are these a substitute for sex these days? Is it safe to say we are spending mad cash to kill of our sex lives? Look around us … I am talking about the pricey technology we hold so dear … like the one I am using to write this blog!

Solutions Research Group, an organization conducts surveys of our technology habits, published a report called 'Age of Disconnect Anxiety'. Apparently, 25 million Americans now use a so-called smartphone like a BlackBerry or Treo, and that 63 percent of these smart phones users have used them while in the bathroom.

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That image however, isn’t as disturbing as the 37% of laptop users that frequently use the computer in the bedroom. And what needs to worry you technology maniacs is that 68 percent of Americans say they feel a sense of anxiety - “feelings of disorientation and nervousness experienced when a person is deprived of Internet or wireless access for a period of time.᾿ So how will one look forward to or enjoy sex with all the anxiety? Well the thing is much as cell phone use has been said to cause some harm, people still don’t want to divorce them.

Come 2009 Leggett and Platt, a manufacturing company based in Carthage, Mo., will sell you the Starry Night equipped with 1.5 terabytes of hard drive storage, a headboard with a 1080p projector, Internet connectivity and an RF remote linked to a Microsoft Media Center for the low, low price of $20,000 to $50,000. Now this is some Space Shuttle cockpit. And if the idea of having sex in a Space Shuttle cockpit turns you on, voila! Coming soon!

Now here is another shocker – Plasma TVs are more pleasing than sex. :roll: This is according to a survey released recently by a UK electronics retailer that showed almost half of British men would happily give up sex for six months in exchange for a free 50-inch plasma TV. And only 25% said they would give up chocolate.

As it is, TV watching itself dampens our sex lives and having it in the bedroom cuts the rate by half. According to a study by Japanese sleep scientists on more than 5,800 Japanese people, About half said they thought they were not getting enough sleep because they were up using the Internet or watching TV. Now, if one comes home tired and stressed from watching telly the night before going to work, would sex be a MUST-DO item really?

Have we become victims of these machines? I think we allow ourselves to be distracted by these anti-social gadgets. I am not saying that technology is bad. But then again, it aint that good either. There are times when these gadgets positively influence our sex lives … like when texting or chatting with your better half.

Question is: Do you love technology more than you love sex?

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 06 Jul 10

    Technology is a poor substitute for human companionship. If the technology in the bedroom gets in the way of the two primary purposes of that room, it's time to rethink!

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  2.   serenity798 says:
    Posted: 26 Sep 08

    I've tried this before and it didn't go too well. He complained that I brought work home and he wasn't gettin any time. I agree he wasn't now he's gone. If you both are searching the net it's fun..but we should not be so divided Bedroom is for making love, erotic sex, and sleeping with the one you love and want.

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  3.   ebonygal43 says:
    Posted: 06 Sep 08

    To be honest, the bedroom is only for making Love and no T.V should be allowed, in the room I think it's ok to have sounds in the room, lilke radio. We want to know and feel, each others needs. As to what it is that they need, after having a long day, Work, Family Friends, now it's our time.

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