Social Sites and... Things we do when we're bored

Posted by Leticia, 20 May

Remember when you were younger and you told your mom that you were bored and chances are she'd come back with something like "well, I can give you something to do". You immediately ran in the other direction because you knew that meant housework...not exactly what you had in mind. Well, sometimes adult boredom can be just as risky

So, it's a Friday night and you're home alone. Some friends were going to check out a movie maybe grab a bite to eat and have a few drinks, but you decided to pass on the invitation. Besides, you've got to fill up the SUV on Monday, and well, need I say more.

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There is absolutely not a thing on television, why are you paying for 500 channels, when 450 have the same repeats on? Might as well pull out the laptop, grab a glass of grape juice, served in your favorite fancy wine glass and surf the web.

How long has it been since you've been out of the house? It's kind of hard to meet guys/girls these days because so many people are doing just what you are right now at this very moment. Behind closed doors, eyes focused on the pixels of a 15-17 inch monitor with the sounds of a keyboard replacing that old CD you use to listen to all the time.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little concerned about our social networking skills. We've forgotten how to establish and maintain eye contact, the importance of a firm yet not finger breaking hand shake. Now to introduce people in our party to people whose names we've forgotten because we haven't seen them in years, but we did remember to send them a birthday e-card once.

By a show of hands, how many have been on any of the following sites: MySpace, Facebook, Blackplanet, Adultfriendfinder, or AFF as one guy called it trying to sound ominous as if I didn't know about the websites where people go to literally show their ass, and it's alright because everyone else is doing it there too. Note to self...check to see if old profile is still active.

Okay, let me explain what happened. What had happened was that about 8 years ago, me and my boyfriend were...bored. Yes, that's the word. He had this great idea to take some headless pictures and post them on-line. Now they were not all of me, so I agreed. I did mention the boredom factor right? Anyway, let's skip to a month or so ago. Warning...reoccurring theme here...I was bored and surfing the internet, much like the person at the beginning of this story. Alright, you got me damn! I am talking about myself. Anyway, I happen to come to a site that will FOREVER remain nameless, and to my surprise there is a very familiar rear-end staring back at me.

Immediately, I pick up the phone call the owner of this "piece" of fine real-estate and ask the question... "are you still posting pictures on THE NAMELESS BOOTY SITE"? He tells me no and I go on to explain what I'd found. I then learn that people steal pictures of other people's parts. Who knew this?

So, I email my favorite "piece" on the booty site, hoping to get a response and some indication of who had stole my man's ass. Some guy named Chuck (sure that was his name), claimed it was all him in the picture. I proceeded to tell him what a small world, because what are the chances that he would have the same ass and pictures on the wall as my man? It took several emails to the administrator of the site to convince them that the pictures (yep, more than one), were not of the person and that we'd kindly like them to be removed. Eventually they were...only to show up one other site that we know about.

The moral of this story is simple...if you are bored never take naked pictures and post them on the internet. You never know where your "ass" my end up. Now, if we could only find that home video.

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  1.   Delphine says:
    Posted: 12 Jun 09

    Imagine the coincidence of you finding and recognizing your error. Lucky you.

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  2.   mrgeno says:
    Posted: 15 Jul 08


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  3.   mossimo36 says:
    Posted: 31 May 08

    Everything I own was stolen and replaced with an exact replica

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  4.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 30 May 08

    I hope I am never that bored! Pictures posted on the Internet may not be forever but they are for a right long piece of time. Certainly longer than it takes to count to ten before posting pictures of my posterior. One, two, three...

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  5. Posted: 30 May 08

    amen to that jabali!!

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  6.   Jabali says:
    Posted: 25 May 08

    Lol! I can relate to that!

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