Is one's openess to interracial dating determined by whether they want to date or marry?

Posted by James, 09 Mar

A friend of mine (Latina) once told me that Black men love dating Latina women. But when it came to settling down, she felt that they ended up marrying Black women. Well, that is a theory she derived based on her observation of a few Latina/Black interracial relationships that ended up with the Black man marrying a fellow Black woman.

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I don’t know if other people have noticed this too – not just with Latina/Black relationships but all kinds of interracial dating: That when the main intention is “just dating”, people tend to be more open to interracial dating BUT when it comes to “till death do you part” scenarios, those people we always thought of them as die hard interracial daters, end up marrying their own. To be honest, I have always wondered why I keep bumping into so many interracial couples but when we come down to the statistics on the ground, the numbers just don't reflect what I see.

Is my friend's theory right? If yes, does this mean such people are in interracial relationships for nothing more than to experiment or fulfill a fantasy? Do people feel obliged to marry within their own race even when – based on their dating history – their dating preferences clearly lean more towards the interracial side? Is it just a mere coincidence?

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  1.   kutu7 says:
    Posted: 19 Mar 12

    i'm a afro american woman, and i agree with you brother's 100%. bw should adapt the same thoughts and feelings about dating outside of our race, 1. because you will be accept for your natural self nappy roots and all. 2. the exploration will be an adventrous eye opener. 3. and bw you learn that bm is not the only men that god has made for you to love.

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  2.   Thinker54 says:
    Posted: 11 Mar 12

    The answer is a loud "NO". At least for me, Latina, Japaneese, and Philippino women beat out Black women for marriage---your friends theory isn't correct, because it supposes that the Black man only wants to DATE and not marry a woman from another ethnic background......and, unlike most Americans, I could REALLY care less about what people think or how much they hate the fact that I'm black, and my girlfriend/wife is from the aforementioned background!! I don't feel the need to marry within my race, nor would I date or marry a woman based simply on her also being Black. Your friend needs to look a bit closer at what it REALLY is, and understand that there are some of us who don't really give a damn about sociological bigotry..........

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  3. Posted: 09 Mar 12

    I think this is common practice. Dating outside of your racial "lines" but settling down with one within those lines; very common. Not with me though, though I've seen it plenty. I've always dated any woman, any background. I've asked a few non-black women (I'm black) if they'd ever settle down with a non-latin, non-white, non-Asian, or whatever skin color they were, man. Most quickly said yes or intimated a strong probability. There were a few though who you knew were "just dating". LOL. I actually told a few that it seemed that this was the case. I know people, men and women, from all backgrounds, who wouldn't settle down with another race because they didn't want to deal with being ostracized, stared at, scrutinized, scorned, etc.... I straight up don't give a damn what some stranger might think about it. Family either. LOL. (Sorry. Got a little snappy on that 1, lol)

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