Ewww! I can't believe I did it!

Posted by James, 13 Dec

Morning after remorse - you did it and you wish you hadn’t. Admit it. Mornings when you wake up in a post-sex panic can be the scariest mornings ever! If the only time this feeling comes to mind is after too-good-to-be-true bedroom gymnastics, hey, more power to you! The sad thing is that these feelings scream inside your head after waking up to a major sexual mishap. And don’t get me started with trying to get the person out of your bed.

How do you deal with this morning after remorse?

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When Mary awoke to see her childhood friend with sleep gunk in his eyes she thought “OMG! I’m not supposed to do him!᾿ And she definitely won’t be the last person to take a platonic friendship to Pleasure Island. Its all about the curiosity of what sex with your friend would be like.

The best thing to do is redefine the boundaries of your friendship right away or you will be doomed to the I-saw-you-naked ickiness. Just make sure both of you understand that it was a one time experiment, you are glad you did it and it will never happen again.

Nothing makes you spring from a hangover like waking up to a butt-naked mistake. After having had one-too-many drinks, Miriam went to her boyfriends (George) room in college. George didn’t show up but two of his friends did. After indulging in a naked pot smoking session, she ended up doing both of them. Well the boys apparently loved to kiss and tell and bragged about it all over campus. This is not a fun way to start your day. The two butt-naked mistakes cost her George and her reputation.

Most people have fallen victim to boozy booty. The best thing to do is persuade your bedmate to zip it and hope to God that they don’t go bragging about it. Maybe you have a sexy spouse in your life but this particular morning, when you wake, he or she isn’t the one in your bed. Maybe, your spouse stood you up and you happened to call this friend that you always flirt with to save you from boredom. And after you were done with dinner, you skipped dessert and headed for a pay-by-the-hour motel and got busy. But as soon as it’s over, regrets don’t give you a moment’s peace.

Much as it appears to be a disaster, it may not be. Cheating itself isn’t the primary issue in a relationship. It’s almost always a sign that there are bigger problems going on. You need to snap out of the guilt and reevaluate your romance because maybe your needs aren’t being met. So talk to your spouse about your needs. You may just save yourself from cheating … AGAIN!!!

Then there is what I like to call spouse thief grief. You have gone to bed with your best friend’s guy or chick. Now what?

Even if you were never caught pants down, your criminal conscience will eventually give you away. And the closer you are to your friend, the easier he or she will pick up on your guilty vibes. So better prepare yourself psychologically for a long penance, if the friendship can be salvaged at all.

Most of us have experienced ‘Ewww!’ moments but what really matters is how you snap out of them. So what ‘Ewww!’ moments have you had? Care to share? I am all eyes waiting to read the dirt. ;-)

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  1.   Happy_Girl says:
    Posted: 22 Apr 10

    I so agree Fire321. Why would you mess up a perfectly good friendship just so you can get laid. You cant un ring a bell. Once done it cant be undone, either it will be a good step forward or it will be spell doom. Would you sleep with your best girl friend's man cause you were caught up in the moment????? How about your boss?? The guy who sacks your groceries???

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  2.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 28 Jul 09

    I for one am not going to sleep with someone and then feel remorseful about it. It's called common sense and not just getting caught up in the moment.

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  3.   hiimsteph says:
    Posted: 14 Dec 07

    Yeah thats some crazy stuff because you know or think about the emotional conequences you put on yourself during the heat of the moment. Just need to learn to take a step back or outside yourself to see if that is something you really wanna do.

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