Are adult dating websites the way to fulfilling your fantasies?

Posted by James, 16 Aug

Am sure most of us… am taking to the 18 and above… have heard of adult personals. There's no doubt about it. For those that feel that regular dating sites are seen too tame to meet their adventurous needs, posting adult personals through adult dating websites has been the preferred alternative. Every day thousands of people seeking alternative lifestyles write uncensored adult personals ads.

Adult dating websites offers a tantalizing adult dating community where you are free to share and explore your wildest, wickedest, (and even for some, perverted) fantasies.

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Imagine browsing through adult picture galleries of striking men and gorgeous women of every size, shape, race and whatever else you can think of… all just waiting for you to respond to their adult personals… extremely steamy! Whether its swinger’s personals, married personals, interracial personals, gay personals… you will find them all here.

Opportunities offered by adult dating websites include video chat rooms with sizzling video clips or live webcams of attractive people whose attire leaves little to your imagination.

Is this the way to fulfilling your wildest discreet fantasies? Are you ready for this kind of revelation? Before throwing yourself into the brave gates of adult dating websites, make sure you have a healthy self-image and a sense of self-liberation. Be ready to encounter mature material, pictures and contents for individuals seeking alternative encounters.

Just like we seek happiness, prosperity, love and fulfillment, we all seek to achieve and fulfill our utmost desires. Well, dating websites are working towards one goal…meeting the needs of every niche. Has yours been covered?

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  1.   CherishYou2 says:
    Posted: 30 Jan 10

    You've done a great job of making the case for adult dating websites, James. There is a caveat though, and I've got to shout it out. I wanted to get a feel for these sites based on the advice of a lady friend I work with. This came about because I'm working on a divorce and wanted to see what might be out there. The sites are enticing. You get to view photos even before you join. The profiles range from mugshots to booty shots (and I mean real, raw booty in every shape, flavor and position). You are allowed to join for free. Once you join, you build a profile; state your case, single man looking for single woman for 1 on 1 dating and more. Prefer african american, latina, 45 to 60 who likes.... The 2 sites I 'joined' filter your profile with select questions: When was the first time you...? How many have you...? Do you like to...? Are you into...? The results are displayed on your profile once you're finished. You are allowed to upload a photo or photos. I completed my questionnaire, uploaded a photo. Very simple photo of me dressed casually and sitting on a couch (fully dressed). LOL Once you publish, you are presented with 'matches' based on your profile. Here's the catch. You can look but you can't touch. In order to get more info on your matches (profile info, additional photos, videos, CONTACT INFO) you have to upgrade to a paying level. And there are more and more expensive levels to be paid for as you seek more and more information about your intended. Granted, the pictures are seductive. Hey! They are downright nasty in some cases. I'm experienced and worldly, but some of these pictures I can do without. Some of this is downright raunchy. But there are some very attractive, very sexy women displaying some very attractive assets. I'm sure you ladies will see the same from your perspective too. But that's ok. We're all grown folks. There is worse to come in the quest for your money. You will be bombarded with messages from potential matches constantlly. "Sexy ebony airline stewardess looking for older man would like to set up a meeting" "Mature woman looking for man to amaze me. Into threesomes, fetishes and bondage." The accompanying photographs had me crying in frustration. And the messages kept coming to my pc and my blackberry constantly. I'm not a bad looking guy. I'm an older man, salt & pepper hair (lots of hair), tall, medium build with a slightbelly. I dress casually when I'm not in the office. I like movies, eating out, music ranging from jazz to hip hop. All of this and more is in the profile (along with that very ordinary photograph). But there is no way that many attractive women want to get with me like that so quickly. I don't believe it. And I've done nothing so far. I work in the technology sector and I believe these sites are using sophisticated data gathering techniques to keep 'testing' different combinations on their members in order to get them to open their wallets. We'll see if he's into bondage today. Hmmm, let's try fetishism. No, how about threesomes. They want your money folks, so be prepared. You're going to be pestered constantly while you're looged in and when you're not logged in. In the meantime, my friend at work did tell me that her ex-boyfriend (The Morehouse Man) did use these sites to hook up. So, yes, they probably do work out. What works out though, I don't know (yet). So, be careful brothers and sisters. Hold on to that money. Watch out. Who knows. If I can get through this divorce, we may see each other online anyway (LOL). CherishYou2

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