10 Fun Date Ideas in the City of Atlanta

Posted by Leticia, 09 Dec

The city of Atlanta will always be known as the center of the civil rights movement in America. It has a pretty great ambassador too. You might have heard of him – he was called Martin Luther King Jr. As the sprawling cultural heart of Georgia, this lively city has seen some turbulent times and some truly wonderful ones too. It is a fascinating place to spend time and it continues to attract thousands of enthusiastic visitors every year.

If you are lucky enough to know Atlanta well already, you are probably familiar with many of its most famous haunts, attractions, sights, and charms. However, there is plenty here to keep even the locals happy – scratch beneath the surface and you will find a whole world of undiscovered delights.

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It is time to grab a friend and take a whirlwind trip through the city, with our guide to the top ten casual date ideas in Atlanta.

1. Go Skating at the Cascade Center

If you are feeling bold enough, you might want to strap on your skates and head down to the Cascade Fun Center. This old school roller rink will have you gliding like a pro in no time – or nursing your bruises in the corner. The venue hosts all kinds of different events throughout the year, so keep an ear open for the best.  A good excuse to hold on tight to your date!

2. Pay Homage to MLK

We could not resist sneaking this one onto the list, even though locals might have taken the tour more than once already (almost certainly with school). There really is something special about standing in the house where the greatest civil rights icon in history was born – just try and make it through the tour without feeling moved by his story.

3. Chow Down on Wings at Dugan’s

For friends who like food as much as they like each other, there can only be one destination – Dugan’s, creator of the finest hot wings in Atlanta. With solidly reasonable prices, humble (but tasty) eats, and a lively atmosphere, this little eatery is a great place for a fun date.

4. Take the Coca Cola Tour

If fast food is not the only vice you covet, you might want to jump on-board the official Coca Cola tour. This is a much more interesting ride than you might think, especially considering the influence and significance of the brand on American culture. You will leave feeling like a bit of an expert and there are free samples too.

5. Get Yourself a Holeman and Finch

Whilst ‘holeman and finch’ sounds more like a double act than a restaurant, you will be pleased to know that this so called eatery really does offer some of the best treats in town. In fact, the Holeman and Finch cheeseburgers used to be very rare – only twenty four were made each day – but, fortunately, the popular dish has made it onto the menu.

6. Drink a Beer from Every Brewery

This is a challenge that even mid-weight drinkers can handle, as Atlanta has nowhere near as many craft beers or breweries as nearby Asheville. Whilst you are (be honest) unlikely to reach the end, it is the journey that counts and it is made especially exciting when you are on it with good friends – you can be there to hold each other up at the end of the night.

7. Sing the Blues at Northside Tavern

If you have even a little love in your heart for the blues, you will surely adore the Northside Tavern. This is authenticity like you will not believe – the atmosphere is electric, the rooms are dark and smoky, and you will be hard pressed to find better live blues performances anywhere else in the country. For a quick switch and a change of scenery, keep the music alive at Blind Willie’s.

8. Introduce Yourself to the ‘Hooch

The Chattahoochee is as mysterious and unique as its name suggests. If you really want to get to know Atlanta, you need to find some bold pals, dig out your white water rafting gear, and take her for a spin. The river is a great place for canoes, kayaks, tubers, riverboats, and all sorts of other pulse racing activities.

9. Tag It Up at the Krog Tunnel

The Krog Tunnel is a fairly unassuming part of the city, aside from the fact that the company which owns it has long permitted legal graffiti tagging. If you have ever fancied being rebellious and breaking the law (without actually running the risk of getting into trouble), here is your chance. There are always lots of people out at Krog Tunnel, so take the chance to start a conversation and maybe make a new friend.

10. Swim with Sharks at Georgia Aquarium

This last date idea will not be for everybody, but thrill seekers are encouraged to get involved. At the Georgia Aquarium, you not only get the chance to spend time observing some truly beautiful marine creatures, you can climb into a wet suit and go for a swim with them too. These sharks are not really wild anymore, but they still get the heart racing when they are swimming past your face, all fins and teeth.

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  1.   MsParkerPot says:
    Posted: 02 May 16

    Im flying into Augusta... you make me wish I was flying to Atlanta. :)

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  2.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 01 May 16

    As a resident of Atlanta, I think another great fun place for a date is Atlanta Botanical Gardens. To me, it's a hidden gem in the city and a great place for peace of mind. My favorite times to visit are in the fall right before Halloween when they have their scarecrow exhibits on the lawn and during the Christmas season when they have the Holiday Lights. It's an absolutely beautiful place with lots of exotic plants and sweet smells provided by nature. They also have an observatory full of indoor plants and you can hear the frogs croaking even before you see them. It's very romantic, laid back, and I've seen many interracial couples here. I've said to myself that if I ever meet that special once-in-a-lifetime woman this would be one of the best places to propose to her.

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