Mixed Couples

Shekina & Robert -
Doncaster, England, United Kingdom

Married September 2019

Mixed Couples - He’d Marry Her Again in a Heartbeat | InterracialDatingCentral - Shekina & Robert Mixed Couples - He’d Marry Her Again in a Heartbeat | InterracialDatingCentral - Shekina & Robert

He’d Marry Her Again in a Heartbeat

Shekina and Robert were confident in their ability to find love online. “I tried several other dating sites, but your site’s success stories made me believe in it,” she tells us. “I had tried several too,” says Robert.

Meeting on our site changed their lives, but it actually took Shekina three years of membership to meet Robert. He’d been with us about nine months at that point. “I liked his interests and his pics,” she says to explain why she reached out to Robert. “He was my type. I sent Rob a Flirt, but he replied with a text message… We started talking one day and then the next day I asked him if we could exchange contact info.”

Robert was happy to do that. “She looked so sexy in the [profile] pics,” he laughs. The attraction was definitely there, and it sounds like their conversations were lively from the beginning. “From there is where our love started to flow,” remembers Shekina. “We talked for about four hours in a video call, sent a lot of text messages…” After that point they were communicating as often as possible.

Saying “her personality was perfect” for him, Robert felt ready to see her “for real.” Shekina was more than willing to meet “because I knew he was the one meant for me.” She tells us that for her “when I came to Kenya” is when she realized this relationship could be special. “We met in Mombasa, Kenya,” she recalls. “That is where the date started.” Robert adds that “we went to a tiki bar for our first date.”

Meeting in the flesh brought no nasty surprises. “He was the exact person I fell in love with!” proclaims Shekina. Robert was instantly smitten by her, saying, “She was so admirable, sexy and beautiful.” There was one thing about Robert’s dating profile that wasn’t entirely accurate, notes Shekina. “He didn’t want to have kids in the profile, but now he is ready to have them in the future.”

One very big surprise came out of their first meeting. “He proposed!” exclaims Shekina. “He took me out to dinner with my family and friends. After a few hours he told me he was going to the washroom and when he came back he got down on one knee and proposed to me! I was so shocked and happy I cried!”

“I love her and wish I could marry her over and over again,” says Robert. The lady harbored no doubts, either. “Because I had a proposal ring and I was already planning the wedding,” Shekina knew after just a few days spent together in person that these two would be together from that point forward. Robert certainly did. “I felt as if she was my wife already,” he laughs. “Everything was perfect.”

The pair felt there were no obstacles in their path, so they just went ahead and got hitched! Meeting this man has changed everything for Shekina. “I am now a wife and I have found my true love,” she says. “She made me the happiest happy husband on Earth,” an overjoyed Robert enthuses.

By way of encouragement Shekina offers this to singles. “What I can say is never give up in this life,” she reminds us. “True love will always find you wherever you are!”

Robert echoes that sentiment. “It takes time to find true love,” he acknowledges, “but always be patient, because love is out there and it always come at the right time!”

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