Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Sharyl & Steve

    “New Love on New Year’s”

    Sharyl recounts her reasons for joining our site. “I have done it before, and I thought it was an easier way to meet someone.” We asked her to gauge her degree of confidence. “I wasn’t sure [it would work], but thought I would give it a try.” This wasn’t Steve’s first rodeo, either.… read more

  • Gabrielle & Lynden

    “There’s My Husband”

    Before meeting on our site and getting engaged, Gabrielle and Lynden were just like a lot of people out there – looking for love, but not sure where to find it. “I just wanted to find someone,” says Gabrielle, explaining why she posted a profile on our site with the username “Celtics34_05… read more

  • Danielle & Justin

    “Her Eyes Entranced Him”

    Danielle was drawn to our site by necessity. “I’m a single parent, and for me dating is next to impossible without being online,” she explains. “But finding the right person is a crapshoot!” Before connecting with Danielle, was Justin optimistic about his online endeavor? “Not very,… read more

  • Holly and Tony

    “How a Shy Hermit Came Out of His Shell”

    Here’s how a reclusive gamer and an outgoing gal got together after meeting on our site. To explain her decision to join, Holly says, “I wasn’t meeting decent guys in real life. So I thought I would give it a shot. This was the first dating site for me!” Tony considered online dating a ti… read more

  • Lestra & Philip

    “It All Fell into Place”

    How did the decision to post a dating profile lead to Lestra and Philip’s nuptials? Well, it all began with Lestra selecting the username “Leslu” and Philip choosing “Pwelect.” Motivated by her “desire to find a suitable mate,” as Lestra puts it, she felt “fairly confident” the new… read more