Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Neicy & Greg

    “A Taste for Adventure”

    Finding love has changed Neicy’s life forever. “I’m so happy and thankful to have met Greg,” she tells us. “He gave me a beautiful baby girl whom I gave birth to on Martin Luther King Day 2022. I’m a momma now!” Her husband, Greg, has also seen his world transformed. “I’m more p… read more

  • Kathie & Wayne

    “Finishing Each Other’s Sentences”

    Kathie says that “unfaithful men in the past” prompted her to try out online dating as an alternative to her previous manner of meeting people. But she tells us that she was “not at all” confident in the internet’s ability to help her find true love. Wayne had a more upbeat attitude whe… read more

  • Gill & Sheldon

    “We Couldn’t Stop Laughing”

    Gill was a member of our site for six full years before meeting Sheldon, whom she would go on to marry. “This was the second site I tried,” remembers Gill. “The first site did not have enough variety of races [for me].” “This was my first experience with online dating,” says Sheldon. … read more

  • Rhodah and Steve

    “She Renewed His Enthusiasm for Living”

    Our presence on Facebook is what prompted Rhodah to date online. “I had tried other sites briefly,” she recalls. “Then I saw your page on Facebook… I saw many successful couples [on the site].” Their romantic stories inspired her to sign up. “I love interracial couples,” says Rhodah.… read more

  • Nicolette & Madi

    “Trust the System”

    Just how did users “Naturalette” and “MadiGray” meet and marry via our site? It all began when the duo decided to venture online in search of love… Madi says he was looking for a change. “I was interested in a different type of woman,” he tells us. “However, because of my locatio… read more