Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Olivia & Joshua

    “Her Type, and Then Some”

    How did “Liv-Hope” and “JLemon” meet on our site? “I’d had no luck finding anyone in my small town,” says Oliva (Liv-Hope) to explain why she joined. Joshua signed up for similar reasons, saying it was “hard to meet people. I travel for work, and I work a lot!” Even so, Olivia d… read more

  • Veronica & Timothy

    “Slapstick Makes Them Laugh”

    We didn’t get a chance to talk to Veronica, but Timothy was nice enough to answer our questions about their relationship. Going back to the beginning, what was Timothy’s reason for venturing online to find love? “Your site was my first experience,” he reveals. “Getting to know each other… read more

  • Marion & Phillip

    “His “Respectful Profile” Clinched It”

    Marion joined our site “to meet a comparable man” and Philip’s aim was “to meet a lovely lady.” She was “semi” confident about online dating’s ability to help her find the man she wanted to meet. Philip says he was “hopeful” all this could end in a positive outcome, but probably … read more

  • Sharon & Todd

    “She Left the Restaurant with a Ring On”

    Sharon and Todd are now husband and wife, but not so long ago they had “zero confidence” (says Todd) or would tell us “I wasn’t so confident I would find love online” (Sharon). The female component of this man-and-wife team says she had “bad experiences” on other sites, and her husband… read more

  • Ully & Peter

    “The Pandemic Didn’t Stop Them”

    Ully and Peter are headed for the altar – “No proposal as yet, though we are hoping to marry next year, once the pandemic allows” – but not so long ago they were total strangers, neither very confident that internet dating would introduce them to anyone special. Ully joined our site on a … read more