Dating Black Men

Monica & Mike -
Florida, United States

Dating Black Men - Mike’s Big Move  | InterracialDatingCentral - Monica & Mike Dating Black Men - Mike’s Big Move  | InterracialDatingCentral - Monica & Mike

Mike’s Big Move

To Mike, the profile for “SmileMe4Ever” stood out, for obvious reasons. “I liked her smile!” he tells us. It was a fitting username for Monica… She says she signed up because she was “looking for an interracial mate,” but wasn’t confident she would see results. Until she heard from Mike, that is.

Mike says he went on our site because he was “looking for an interracial relationship.” This was his first foray into the online dating mix. “I joined just to see what it would be like,” he admits.

One month into his membership, Mike found SmileMe4Ever. “Mike sent me a Flirt with a message,” Monica explains. But she got a lot of those, didn’t she? It took awhile to really catch her attention. Today Monica gives a lot of credit to Mike’s stick-to-itiveness. “Mike was persistent in letting me know he was interested in me, and didn’t give up,” she says. “I knew he was in some way checking me out!”

They soon spoke on the phone. “We talked awhile,” Mike remembers. “I liked her bubbly personality!” Monica got a good vibe from him, too. “Mike was very soft spoken, but we had a great conversation,” she says. “It felt like we had a lot in common.”

Mike didn’t wait very long to ask Monica out. “I had to see her,” he declares. And when he did? “I liked what I saw!” There’s one potential hurdle out of the way. “I was glad I was like my picture,” Monica laughs.

She was also pleased to discover that Mike had arranged a romantic atmosphere for them. “He had us meet at a really nice restaurant,” says Monica. “We sat outside to enjoy the night air and great conversation.”

It was more than the ambiance that made connecting easy for them — these two just clicked! We asked Mike what was most surprising about their first date… “How well we got along, how much we have in common,” he replies. “I like her personality: easygoing, nice, and she gets my sense of humor!”

He knew he definitely wanted to go out again, if Monica was willing… So was she? “I couldn’t wait to see Mike again,” Monica says. “He’s a real gentleman!”

Now that Monica and Mike are officially seeing each other, both halves of this match are experiencing emotions they really missed having. “I feel happy,” Monica says of her new life with Mike in it. He tells us he’s filled with hope for their future.

So what do we have to do to find a love like this? Monica wants to remind online daters not to let their profile photos get stale. “Make sure your pictures are up to date and that they are YOU,” she asserts. Ideally, the pix should tell people a lot about your personality and interests.

Mike’s words of advice are concise. “Just keep trying, and be selective,” he says.

And don’t get discouraged if your Flirts fail to produce an immediate reply!

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