Interracial Marriage

Kayla & John -
Fort Dodge, Iowa, United States

Married July 2019

Interracial Marriage - So You Like Basketball? | InterracialDatingCentral - Kayla & John Interracial Marriage - So You Like Basketball? | InterracialDatingCentral - Kayla & John Interracial Marriage - So You Like Basketball? | InterracialDatingCentral - Kayla & John

So You Like Basketball?

“I wasn’t too confident about finding love,” John admits. But when he received a Flirt from Kayla (aka “SillyGal”) on our site, the male lead in our love story had a sneaking suspicion he should contact her. Kayla had just the sort of profile that stood out to a guy like him. “She was beautiful, and she liked basketball,” he tells us now.

John says the reason he bought a membership was his desire to find “something new,” and, little did he know, Kayla was even more like him than he expected. “I wanted a change,” Kayla says of her decision to sign up, echoing John’s words. “I wasn’t sure what to expect.”

When they hit each other’s radar, Kayla had been with us “off and on for a year” and John says it had been “a few years.” He was happily surprised to hear from her. “She reached out to me saying ‘hi,’ so I read her profile and emailed her back,” John explains. Kayla was attracted to John’s forthright nature. “I loved how honest he was [in his profile],” she says.

Once their interactions became a regular thing, they began thinking about next steps. “After video chatting for months, I felt comfortable [meeting in person],” recalls Kayla. “I enjoyed our conversations,” adds John. So Kayla bought a plane ticket… “I flew to Iowa and we just talked and ate,” she laughs.

Not everyone would think these two were perfectly matched, physically. Kayla remembers thinking John seemed “super tall,” and John says Kayla struck him as “super short.” Despite the humorous size difference, their chemistry was right on the money. Kayla also liked that from the get-go John just had a way about him. “He was very confident,” she says. John was wowed by “how beautiful her smile is!”

Still, believe it or not, a second date was no sure thing. “I had my doubts,” confesses Kayla. But her other half was more convinced his search for love was over. “I was very sure she was the one,” says John. He notes that Kayla’s profile didn’t capture how “very caring, passionate and loving” she is in real life. “We are total opposites in all the good ways,” John informs us.

They did meet again, however, and with the turning pages in the calendar John and Kayla only grew closer. John says that “learning not to be so selfish” was his challenge to overcome, but he got there. To be sold on John herself, Kayla says that “understanding his personality” was important. Now that she does, she has banished those early doubts about their prospects as a couple. “He is the perfect match,” Kayla says. “He’s honest, funny, hardworking…”

Kayla can pinpoint the moment she realized this relationship was special: “on the phone, discussing future plans for us,” she declares. John says, “When we were on the phone and she said, ‘I’m not going anywhere, so figure it out.’” Once that was decided, their next move became clear. “He surprised me one time I flew to Iowa and had the house set up with candles and roses, with a banner asking me to marry him, and with him down on one knee.”

Being married is magnificent! Kayla believes that “having a best friend for a lifetime” has changed her life in so many ways. John is elated by “having someone always there” for him through thick and thin.

Here’s what Kayla has to say to all the singles out there. “Always be yourself,” she reminds us, “and know exactly who you are, and exactly what you’re looking for. Never waver on that.” John’s advice is to “be patient, and sift through the good and bad.”

For Kayla and John, there’s no more sifting to be done.

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