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Her Wide Net Landed Quite a Catch

For Stephany the question was, how could she meet her match? The old ways weren’t working. While she was “not very” certain that posting a profile on an Internet personals site was the answer, it did fit her lifestyle well… “I had used other sites in the past and liked the convenience of online dating while I was in school,” Stephany tells us.

Joshua is a hard-working guy and what drew him to online dating was its efficiency. “I decided to try it because I work a lot of hours, and nights, so it was pretty hard to go out at a time that other people are out. I had tried a few other sites before, without much success.” By the time he joined our site, he was “not at all” confident about his prospects.

Amazingly, within “a week or two” of signing up Joshua had found Stephany. She used the screen name “7abbyca7” and had only been a member for four months herself. “I reached out to her first,” Joshua recalls. “I used the messenger service provided through the site.”

With nothing more to go on than a profile, what was Joshua’s first impression of her? “I guess I didn’t have much of one, initially,” he responds, after some thought. “Her profile was pretty bare. But we shared most of the same interests, and she looked really cute in her picture!”

Did Stephany instantly think they were a match? Eh, not so much… “I thought he was ‘okay-ish,’” she laughs, “But I was willing to meet anyway. He seemed nice chatting online.”

You see, Stephany’s strategy was not to have a long, drawn-out vetting process before testing the waters in person. “After talking for a week or so she threw out the idea of meeting up, so I figured why not,” says Joshua. By way of explanation she notes, “I didn’t have the time or the patience to play games.”

The value of Stephany’s “wide net” approach was confirmed when they met face-to-face. “He was way cuter than in the pictures he provided online,” she says. And he made her laugh. “He had such a great sense of humor!” She was glad she’d given this a shot.

Joshua’s observations were also admiring. “I thought she was absolutely gorgeous,” he declares. “And she was very easy to talk to. I was surprised at how well it went! I felt very comfortable and she seemed so also.” Stephany appreciated the respectful tenor of their conversations, too. “I was surprised and relieved that he didn’t talk about sex,” she says.

The duo clicked to such a degree that no one was in a hurry to call it a night and go home. “It lasted much longer than we expected,” Joshua says. “We had dinner and then spent about an hour talking in the parking lot before we left.”

As well as it went, neither person was certain that the other wanted to go out again. “I wasn’t very sure,” Stephany admits. “Although I liked him, I didn’t know how he perceived it…” Meanwhile, Joshua was in the same boat. “I was very hopeful, but only slightly confident that I’d see her again,” he confesses.

It didn’t take long for these two to figure out that the attraction was mutual. As one date led to the next, they began to see how much more there was to one another than their skimpy profiles had conveyed. We asked if there was anything they appreciate about each other that didn’t come across right away. “I’d say just about everything,” Joshua laughs. “Her profile was really just a short list of things she liked to do.” Stephany says that while his profile was more detailed, Joshua’s affectionate and caring nature became clear only later.

Joshua didn’t compile a checklist of qualities he was looking for a partner, but Stephany definitely suits him. “I don’t really have a type, but she is just what I was looking for,” he says. She feels the same way about him. “He is my perfect idea of what I always wanted in a man! It’s very nice.”

Stephany advises singles to practice that wide-net strategy — without compromising on what really matters to you, of course. “Give everyone a chance, but don’t lose sight of your priorities and requirements in a mate,” she says. “Just keep trying,” urges Joshua. “Message everyone who catches your eye or seems interesting, and don’t be afraid to meet them in person.”

As this couple’s experience has shown, sometimes the best results come from an in-person chemistry test.

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