Interracial Marriage

Synaida & Eric -
Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya

Married October 2020

Interracial Marriage - It’s All About Trust | InterracialDatingCentral - Synaida & Eric

It’s All About Trust

“I saw one of my friends was successful and decided to try my luck,” Synaida says of her decision to date online. She posted a profile on our site despite some misgivings about men out there. “It’s somehow scary, but I had to try it out!” she exclaims.

It was simple curiosity that motivated Eric to take his search for love to the internet. “I just wanted to try it out,” he shrugs. “I didn’t trust online dating, but I just had to try.”

Two days after posting her profile, Synaida spotted Eric’s. He had been with us two years, but adds, “I wasn’t ready for marriage” to explain why he kept things casual that long. “I reached out to him first by sending a Flirt,” recalls Synaida, “And I said ‘hi’ to him.”

What was so special about this guy, for Synaida? “I just liked his profile and started chatting with him,” she answers after some thought. “Because I wanted to have someone [in my life]. It has made me love again!”

After checking out her profile, Eric responded without hesitation. “She was very beautiful and had a nice shape,” he compliments Synaida. “I loved her once I talked to her. And she was serious about settling down.” The key boxes were checked.

“It was long distance, but I had to wait for him to come to me,” Synaida says of the early days of this courtship. Indeed, a big move was required to get this duo in the same room. Eric would have to cross the ocean to make that happen, but he didn’t shrink from the challenge. “I decided to travel to Kenya and meet her,” he says. “He came to meet me in Nairobi,” specifies Synaida.

When Eric got off the plane Synaida was pleased with the man standing before her. “He was very handsome, and gentle. I was very happy to have him [as a guest].” Synaida remembers. “She was real!” declares her fella. He says his initial assessment was, “Very nice, and very beautiful.”

After this special time together Synaida felt certain there were many more chapters to write in their story, “because I was already in love with him.” She tells us, “He was just the way I saw him in my mind.”

Synaida also says that “because he was ready to love me, and marry me” she opened the door to a lifelong commitment. Eric indicates that trusting her with that took some time, but he says “when I realized she was real and not fake” is the moment he knew this relationship could be special. “I am now a happy man!”

“He proposed to me when we were making video calls,” relays Synaida. “He asked me if I would marry him.” The answer was, unsurprisingly, a resounding “Yes!”

Here are her words of support for singles out there. “I would like to tell them never to give up,” says Synaida. “Finding true love, it’s not easy… They need to be humble.” Nodding, Eric picks up that thread. “They should humble themselves and have faith in the process,” he advises.

It worked for them!

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