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Posted by James, 05 Aug

In todays world every thing is on fast-forward and the rules of dating have certainly changed. In fact, things have become more complicated… Remember when men used to pay for the date and called a few days later… and women on the other hand used to just wait to be pursued… GONE ARE THOSE DAYS.

So what used to happen to those men who felt shy, or the women who wanted to be aggressive and make the first move? Much as the rules were well defined, do you think it was fair to them?

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Then came the kingdom of online cupids and suddeny you can find one of these women whom have similar likes and dislikes to you, and from there things can sort themselves out. There are no more social normalities that are going to make the rules of dating easier to discover or understand.

Looking for love, a mate for love or the usual one night stand? Well… look no further. From lonely singles to straying spouses, millions of people have now turned to the internet cupids (dating sites) to find it all. And if you are one of them then know that you are fuelling an industry that scrapes up about $700-million annually in North America.

The dating industry has experience a continuous stream of new internet cupids with some grabbing a very big chunk of this space.

The new crop of online dating sites is wooing specific niches with different business ideas and models. Some are FREE while others are charging a low subscription fee to rake out people who just want to look. Some of the sites bring together a pool filled with people looking for the same things: a relationship outside of the one they are already in. The site's motto is "When monogamy becomes monotony."

Does this mean that what the future holds for us is the inclusion of technology in transforming traditional dating sites into online communities of people with the same interests? Look at the kind of dating sites coming up… golfers, for the disabled, and now for those who scream inside: ‘SCREW MONOGAMY!’

What more can you ask for?

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