Interracial Marriages

Kathie & Wayne -
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Engaged September 2021

Interracial Marriages - Finishing Each Other’s Sentences | InterracialDatingCentral - Kathie & Wayne

Finishing Each Other’s Sentences

Kathie says that “unfaithful men in the past” prompted her to try out online dating as an alternative to her previous manner of meeting people. But she tells us that she was “not at all” confident in the internet’s ability to help her find true love.

Wayne had a more upbeat attitude when he posted a profile on our site with the handle “EasyDay63.” As he puts it, “I knew my soulmate was somewhere out there. Faith kept me going!”

Despite her early misgivings, Kathie was only a member of our site for two days when she received a message from Wayne. His membership was only 28 days old as well. It seems that Kathie’s “bright hazel eyes” caught Wayne’s attention, inspiring him to reach out. “I sent a message – I was really hoping that she would respond,” he says. Wayne thought he had a good chance given that Kathie already had a reason to come to where he was living at the time. “Her son was stationed here in Virginia Beach, and she mentioned that she wanted to relocate!” says Wayne.

Perusing Wayne’s profile, Kathie liked what she saw. “He’s very handsome, and what he said in his profile sounded so sincere,” reveals Kathie.

After “talking for hours on the phone, finishing each other’s sentences,” Kathie was ready to meet Wayne in person, she explains. And he was certainly game! “I’ve been ready for love,” declares Wayne. “We met halfway, in Leesburg, Virginia (she’s in Williamsport, PA).”

When they met in person for the very first time, Kathie was happily surprised by “how handsome and built he was!” Wayne says the biggest shock for him was “how pretty her eyes were in person, and her lovely body.” Kathie was delighted by Wayne’s “willingness to actually talk and make plans about our future together.” Wayne remembers being impressed by “how down to earth she was, her very pleasant attitude, and bright outlook even after being cheated on.”

After this fun and romantic get-together, were they certain to meet again? “That was the first thing we planned,” laughs Wayne. “She’s all I’ve prayed for, and more. Everything I do, I think of not only me but of us.”

Kathie didn’t want to delay their reunion, either. She speaks for both of them when she says, “once we left to return home after our first meeting, we realized how much we missed each other.” Asked if the new couple faced any obstacles in advancing their relationship, Kathie is definitive in her answer. “None whatsoever! I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

From there a bigger commitment was soon made. “We were at a karaoke bar in Williamsburg, Virginia,” Wayne recalls. “On the patio I told the VJ that I was going to propose after I finished singing my song, which was ‘Love.’”

Here are Kathie’s words of wisdom for the single ladies on our site. “There are still good men left,” she says. “Don’t give up! A lot of people don’t know what they truly want, but true love is out there!”

To the guys, Wayne advises crafting a personalized message when reaching out to another member, but also making sure your profile is up to snuff. “Women receive a lot of messages,” he observes. “Your profile is what will stand out and make her notice after you take the time to write from the heart.”

His heart has spoken and, fortunately, Kathie answered its call.

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