Interracial Personals

Narketta & Ricky -
Hampton, Virginia, United States

Engaged October 2014

Interracial Personals - He Went to Pieces in Her Presence | InterracialDatingCentral - Narketta & Ricky Interracial Personals - He Went to Pieces in Her Presence | InterracialDatingCentral - Narketta & Ricky Interracial Personals - He Went to Pieces in Her Presence | InterracialDatingCentral - Narketta & Ricky Interracial Personals - He Went to Pieces in Her Presence | InterracialDatingCentral - Narketta & Ricky

He Went to Pieces in Her Presence

Before meeting Ricky, Narketta’s life was in transition. “I moved to a new state and knew no one,” she remembers. “I was open to dating a good guy!”

Was this Narketta’s first go-round in the online dating sphere? No, this wasn’t my first time,” she informs us. “I wasn’t confident, but I had family who were successful with it.”

“Friends told me to try online dating because of their [good] experiences,” Ricky tells us. “I had met nice people before, so I thought I would try it again. I signed up a week before meeting her…”

“Her” being Narketta, of course. She notes that at the time, “I had just reactivated my account and was on for about a week or so before I reached out to him via Flirt. He responded via email.”

Her profile handle was “Mashun” and his was “Slicl.” Even if their usernames weren’t catchy, their profiles WERE mutually intriguing. After trading messages, they spoke on the phone. Sounds like Narketta did most of the talking… “He seemed nice but was kind of quiet, and weird,” she laughs.

Ricky may have been bashful because Narketta seemed so attractive to him. “She was beautiful, smart and talkative,” he says of his initial impression.

So if she wasn’t blown away by his phone persona, what made the duo decide to date? “I was searching for someone, and I thought she was nice enough to at least meet,” Ricky says. Despite his doubts about where he stood with her, an outing was scheduled. Narketta tells us that “I wanted to get it done because we connected well over the phone, and that was the next step.”

The big night came and they shared the obligatory “hello” hug. Narketta found Ricky’s demeanor endearingly awkward. “He looked nice, and seemed nervous!” she says. Ricky confirms this. When he first laid eyes on this lovely woman he remembers his first thought being, “She is gonna make me nervous!”

Despite the rather rocky start, Narketta found their interplay came naturally. “It was so easy to talk to him,” she notes. “It was like I’d known him for a while.”

Something really surprised Ricky: “Her willingness to go on a second date, because I thought I blew it!” Narketta didn’t have such a dire view of their evening together, though. “I was willing to try it again because it was a good date,” she says.

Ricky’s real personality became evident over subsequent dates. “He didn’t mention much in his profile, but it allowed me to get to know him [in real life],” Narketta explains. He expected her to bring to the table higher expectations than he could fulfill. “I thought she would be much harder on me, because of her profile, but I took a chance anyway. She was more open than I expected.”

We asked the couple how their partner aligns with the “type” they had in mind. “I didn’t have a type,” answers Narketta. “I was trying to be open to new types of people. He is totally different from my previous types.” Narketta doesn’t remind Ricky of past relationships, either. “She is totally different from my type,” he admits.

Eventually the issue of marriage came up “during our weekly bible study and goal discussion. We just came to the goal of spending our life together. We started planning for what we wanted our life to be like. We knew that marriage was what we wanted, and what we wanted with each other.”

Neither component of this couple has looked back since. “My life is very rewarding,” says Narketta. “I just feel like I am complete with him. He is truly my rock, and soulmate.”

Ricky says that being with Narketta has made his life feel complete, too. “I want to live forever, just to spend it with her!”

Though their story has a happy ending, many singles are still searching for the first chapter of their romance. To those folks Narketta has this to say: “Remain open to meeting someone. First impressions don’t tell it all. They may be nervous at first, so you may need a few dates just to learn their character and heart. If red flags go up though, don’t ignore them.”

“Give it a chance,” Ricky says to singles. “Online dating is no different than conventional methods. It may just work! Get rid of your fear.”

Ricky had no reason to be nervous, and neither do you!

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