Inter Racial Marriages

April & Robert

Married July 2013

Inter Racial Marriages - Two Dates in Two Days | InterracialDatingCentral - April & Robert Inter Racial Marriages - Two Dates in Two Days | InterracialDatingCentral - April & Robert Inter Racial Marriages - Two Dates in Two Days | InterracialDatingCentral - April & Robert Inter Racial Marriages - Two Dates in Two Days | InterracialDatingCentral - April & Robert

Two Dates in Two Days

Some couples meet on our site and get married after several years of online dating. Other singles sign up, meet the right person two weeks later, and quickly find their way to the altar! For Robert and April, it was that kind of quicksilver connection.

However, before joining our site, April hadn’t had much luck finding the partner she was looking for. “I wanted to try something different,” she says. Our site scratched that itch. “It was great meeting different people from different places. This was not my first dating site.”

Robert didn’t relish real-life courtship and turned to the Web for a change of pace. “I felt meeting people online was easier,” says Robert. We were not his first dating site, either.

Asked if she thought she would meet the man of her dreams on the Internet, April admits to having her doubts. “I thought it was possible, but unlikely,” she confides. Robert was similarly guarded. He describes his mindset as “not too confident.” Still, it didn’t take long for their pessimism to turn positive.

April and Robert joined our site at almost the same time and just two weeks later, they connected. Who reached out first? “I did,” says “SouthernGirl,” aka April. “I happened to see his picture in the random profile pics that popped up, so I checked him out.”

Reviewing Robert’s profile, April saw potential in the guy who went by “HummerBoy” on our site. But she didn’t pull the trigger right away. “He was attractive, but I was hesitant to start a relationship with someone so far away. I didn’t message him, but once he saw that I had viewed him, he messaged me!”

And why did Robert take that step? Checking out her profile convinced him that April might be special. “Wow, she’s hot,” he marveled at the time. “And she was straight to the point in her profile.” How could he resist? The worst thing that could happen was nothing. So he took action and his courage was rewarded with a response.

April reconstructs the timeline. “We started communicating via email on the site, then went to IMs, and then phone,” she says. As they got to know each other, the idea of meeting in person was quickly broached and agreed to just as fast. “It seemed like the next logical step to me,” April tells us.

No doubt about it, Robert was down! “I thought we had a lot in common, she was beautiful, and she seemed like a lot of fun,” he notes.

In the course of the first few minutes they spent together, hopes were realized and fears dispelled. Robert was ebullient. “WOW! It’s really you! Everything I imagined,” He remembers thinking. “She just amazed me.” Robert particularly appreciated “the way she made eye contact with me when we talked.”

April was pleased, too. “He was exactly as portrayed in his pictures, and a gentleman,” she says. “He was actually exactly the type of man he told me he was.”

After the success of their first date, were these two fully convinced they should meet again? April says she was “very sure” and Robert puts his certainty at “110%.” So tickled was this twosome that they had found each other that neither person could wait very long to re-convene. So they went out again the very next day!

There were admirable aspects of Robert’s character that April only discovered once they had interacted a few times. “His patience and perseverance” she mentions right away. Robert has plenty of nice things to say about April, too. “She is a hard worker,” he begins. “Selfless, supportive, a good listener... The list goes on and on.”

As their relationship progressed, April realized how deep her feelings for Robert really went. Every day together felt like a gift. “He is exactly the kind of man I always wanted,” she says with a smile. Robert was over the moon, himself. “She is my dream girl,” he says.

Eventually the “m” word came up. Here is April’s recollection of that moment. “He was overseas working and I was visiting him in Kuwait,” she says. “He dropped to his knees and poured his heart out to me.”

They were engaged, married, and now live together in joy and harmony. “I could never be happier,” enthuses April. Her husband believes this relationship has made him a better man. “It has made me more open to other opinions,” he explains. “She’s also helped me learn to be more supportive.”

April advises singles to interact with as many people as possible, regardless of their location. For her, that was a crucial part of finding the right match. “Do not let distance be an issue,” she suggests. One thing is certain — meeting her husband has made April an advocate of both online personals and our site in particular. “It’s a great way to get to know someone on a more personal level,” she says.

“People should give it a chance,” adds Robert. “We did, and look what happened!”

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