Zoë Kravitz "really grateful" Channing Tatum came into her life

Posted by Leticia, 22 Aug

Zoë Kravitz just opened up about her relationship with Channing Tatum as part of her cover interview for the WSJ. Magazine's Fall 2022 Women's Fashion issue, telling the mag that she is super "grateful" the 42-year-old actor came into her life. Aww!

Zoë and Channing first went public with their romance in October 2021. And when The Wall Street Journal asked her about her current relationship, the 33-year-old Batman actress initially said: "Do I want to go into that?"

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But we're so glad that she embellished further…

"I guess what I’ll say is when you make things with people it’s a very sacred space, and when you’re compatible with somebody creatively it often opens up other channels, because you’re kind of sharing all of yourself," the Big Little Lies actress said.

"I’m really grateful that this movie has brought him into my life that way," she added.

The Magic Mike star came into Zoë's life while she was making her directorial debut for the thriller movie, Pussy Island, and he was cast as the role of Slater King, a tech mogul with 'ill intentions'…

"I wanted to find someone who hadn’t played a dark character before, because I think that’s exciting to watch someone who’s mostly played boy next door, good guy, love interest, all of that," Zoë said about his unexpected casting.

"I felt, even from afar, before I knew him, that he was a feminist and that he wasn’t afraid of exploring that darkness, because he knows he’s not that.

"That’s why I was drawn to him and wanted to meet with him. And I was right."

The Lost City actor also went on to talk about the role, in particular how different it is to his previous characters…

"It’s always really intriguing to have someone bring you something that literally no one else has ever thought of you for," he said.

"And really even allowed you to ask yourself why and can you play someone so different than what you have."

And he couldn’t have been more complimentary of Zoë in the interview, either…

"I didn’t know Zoë before I met her for the film. When we first met the movie was pretty different than its form now, but the themes were the same.

"All the iterations it has gone through were all pretty punk rock, to be honest."

Pussy Island is out next year, so not long to go 'til we can see what the pair have been working on!

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