Why are Men So Attracted to Blonde Hair?

Posted by James, 21 Jun

Blonde hair

Does blonde hair turn men on? Do men find blondes more attractive than women with darker hair color? Apparently, there are few Caucasian women who have naturally blonde hair. It’s called the era of hydrogen peroxide. Anyone can go blonde in a flash. Given a blonde and a brunette, there are men who will say they would pick to date or chat with women with blonde hair any day. In fact, there is a guy who actually said he gets more attention when he is out with a blonde than when with a brunette who is equally attractive. Why is this so?

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White women who are blonde by birth apparently have slightly higher estrogen than women with darker hair. They possess other youthful sexual traits that men are considered attractive by men. Normally, they have thinner noses, smoother skin, less body hair, narrower shoulders. Generally, blondes have finer facial features. And to add on to their physical features is their youthful behavior – playful and full of energy. Lighter hair is perceived by most men as more feminine. If you look at the same woman in blonde hair against black hair, the blonde version appears more feminine to most men. It’s just like skin color. Lighter is perceived as more feminine. For male attraction, the darker hair and darker skin are probably what women find more masculine I guess.

Status symbol

The other thing is the media portrayal of blondes. They are usually portrayed as high maintenance. So men who roll with blondes are perceived as cool and filthy rich. Having a blonde woman becomes a symbol of status and affluence. Because of this idea, men find themselves putting blonde haired women on a pedestal. And since blondes generally appear more beautiful, they become a status statement. Who doesn’t want his pals to say with envy: “Did you see him with that hot blonde”. It’s all about selection. Men choose women mainly for their physical features.


Ever since before, blondes have maintained their popularity. Look at Playboy for instance. Blondes are the center of the whole TV show and magazines. This kind of selection makes men idolize blondes until today. The show and magazines portray them as more fun and more sexually open to try out new things in the bedroom. And this seems to have shaped the American man’s definition of beauty. May Playboy is the real reason Men love blondes. But if you are looking for a natural blonde, then you better be able to know real from peroxide blondes. And the way to tell this is by looking at the roots. However, if appearance is all you are going for, then peroxide blonde hair will do just fine.

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  1. Posted: 01 Dec 17

    This piece not only incorrectly assumes that all males prefer blonde women but also perpetuates the hurtful, false rhetoric that women who are not blonde or fair-skinned are less beautiful, less feminine, less playful, and therefore less desirable. As a creative who is passionate about highlighting and promoting the natural beauty that black women possess, I take strong exception to these ideas that blonde, fair-skinned women are somehow more desirable or more beautiful. Black women, no matter how light or dark their skin tones, have amazing, all natural beauty and features that make them both highly attractive and desirable. It is sad that in 2017, blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin are still being propagated as some type of standard or definition of beauty. This type of thinking is wrong and harmful, telling young girls that their dark skin makes them less appealing or that their features are too ethic to be considered beautiful. It's a shame when young women in developing African nations bleach their skin in an effort to be lighter because they don't feel their natural shade is good enough. Moreover, it's heartbreaking to hear beautiful, young women say they always wanted to model but never thought they could because they perceived themselves as "one of those ugly, dark girls." This piece, unfortunately, only helps to reinforce those awful lies.

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  2.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 30 Oct 17

    To me it's the woman underneath the hair that counts the most. The color or style of your hair may attract the initial attention but the hair alone doesn't do it for me.

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  3.   Paganinifan says:
    Posted: 03 Sep 17

    "Why are men more attracted to blonde hair?" Ummm....we're not. It's just forced upon us everywhere we turn. Just like TALL WOMEN because the modeling industry doesn't think a woman who's 5'5" is attractive. But when average height men try to talk to a taller woman, guess what.... Yeah, exactly. See how feminism makes no sense? Allow me to explain; "I WANT TO BE EQUAL! I CAN DO ANYTHING A MAN CAN DO! I AM NOT INFERIOR TO MEN!" Followed by; "I need a TALL, STRONG man to be my protector cuz I get scared when the wind blows and I want to be able to look UP at him and feel like a little inferior child looking up at daddy". BRUNETTES are much more attractive than blondes in MY opinion. Also, women who aren't leftist liberal feminists are even MORE attractive.

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  4.   luvgluve says:
    Posted: 07 Aug 17

    ..also,it's about trust factor too,many of them couldn't be trusted beyond a day by herself with playful nature at hand!!Wich can lead to jealously and strife in LTR/marraiage!!!

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  5.   luvgluve says:
    Posted: 07 Aug 17

    Depends on the woman,yeah,generally blondes are more attractive and are fun,but I have seen brunettes that are drop dead gorgeous,more than the natural blonde could ever be!!

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