What is there to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Posted by Wesley, 12 Nov

How can this be a thankful thanksgiving? See, we have always been looking forward to all our holidays. We do all the planning early enough... we shop for our gifts early and get so excited about the holiday season. Well, this year things are for sure are going to be different. With restrictions that have been put in place, I am sure you are even wondering if it's even remotely possible to take advantage of the Walmart Black Friday and get your loved one a gift.

Even in these tough times, there is a lot to be thankful for. Read on as I tell you some of the things to be grateful for amid the pandemic...

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Thanksgiving during corona pandemic

Before I even get to the thanksgiving bit, one thing we need to talk about is how we need to conduct ourselves during this time. See, even if you don't believe in the restrictions, try as much as possible to avoid gathering a big group of friends and family members because, believe it or not, if we all resort to this kind of thing, the whole thanksgiving holiday will have been for nothing. We will have less to be thankful for because of the much higher numbers of covid infections a week later.

With everything being different, I had to stop and pause to reflect on what I have to be thankful for. This is an exercise we do with the kids every year around the dinner table, and it’s usually fairly easy–we have so much–but this year, with everything we “lost”, it can be hard to find joy and thankfulness in our hearts. But when you look at it, despite the pandemic, we have so much to be thankful for during this coronavirus thanksgiving.

Let's look at some of the things I feel you can and need to be thankful for...


Are you alive? One of the things that I have learned to be grateful for this year is every breath I take. I have been hearing the way people have trouble breathing because of the coronavirus. So for every breath I take, I am thankful. So be thankful that you got to see another thanksgiving despite all that is happening. These days, matters of life and death are very real.


Be thankful thanksgiving for health. Health this year is one of the things everyone needs to be grateful for especially if you have managed to survive contacting the coronavirus. This has become one of the biggest health issues that have even made the world go into lockdown. So if you got lucky, be thankful. If you got sick and healed then that should be on your list of things to be thankful for at thanksgiving. And in case you are grappling with any illness, being grateful for other little things working out for you can uplift your spirits. For instance...

The roof over your head

You might be taking some things for granted but thanksgiving in 2020 will really make people appreciate a lot of things in their lives. Have you ever thought to think about what the homeless in the streets live like? Imagine the cold that they will have to deal with during the holidays. So even if you are feeling like 'what's there to be happy about', if you have a roof over your head, then that is something to be grateful for.


Music has a way of always putting someone into a great mood. Music can be very uplifting. So if you are feeling low this Thanksgiving, how about putting on your favorite jam? Just that first bit will turn things around for you.

Little freedoms

Before the covid restrictions, most people used to take things like the freedom to walk for granted. The day we were told to stay at home was the day I realized just how much I missed that freedom. Well, at least some of these restrictions have eased up a bit. At least we are allowed to walk in our masks. Think about it... At least you can sit in front of the TV and watch whatever t is you want. At least you have a choice and the freedom to marry whoever you marry or date. You have the freedom to date online. You have the freedom of speech - you can speak freely without the fear that you will be thrown in jail.

This thanksgiving during corona pandemic, be thankful for the freedom to choose whatever you want.


... and smartphones of course. Well, this is a thankful thanksgiving because without the internet and our smartphones, I have no idea how most people would have survived the lockdown. What would you have done without Netflix? What would you have done without ZOOM, social media sites, Whatsapp, online dating? Just think about it.

One of the things that the internet has helped with is it has helped people stay in contact with their families and friends. People have been able to work from home. We have been able to do our businesses online. People are able to shop online. Because of this technology, most of us have managed to stay safe during the pandemic. So if you think that during this coronavirus thanksgiving there is nothing to be thankful for, take a minute, and think again. Just be thankful that you have the technology.


Well, on top of the list of things to be thankful for at thanksgiving, water is it. If there is something that has been able to help us stay safe is water. We can wash our hands constantly with soap and water. Well, besides, being able to stay safe, one thing about water that you need to be thankful for is clean drinking water. Plus, you can have a shower whenever you want. Isn't that just great?

Conclusion: Stay safe!

Be thankful thanksgiving because at least you have the option of staying safe. We all need to acknowledge the fact that there has been a surge in covid cases lately. Do not be tempted to let your guard down. This thing is as real as it can be. To be honest, many thanksgiving dinners are going to add to the risk of the spread of the disease.

Kindly forget involving your whole extended family. Instead, settle for virtual holiday celebrations, starting with thanksgiving in 2020. What begins as a cough at dinner can end up becoming life-threatening for the whole family. There is no sugarcoating things. Those large indoor family dinners will put all of you at risk especially because there are lots of asymptomatic cases.

If you really have to be with your family, consider a socially distanced thanksgiving outdoors. But if you ask me, I would advise you and your family members to follow CDC guidelines and stop the gatherings. Health officials have already warned about a surge in the number of infections during thanksgiving. Wear a mask. Social distance. Avoid indoor gatherings. Better safe than sorry. Have that virtual thanksgiving dinner and be thankful for our technological advancements and the internet.

For more articles about the pandemic, visit Love is All Colors.

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