Wedding Trends for 2021

Posted by Darci, 23 Nov

Now that we are heading into a new year, it's important that we compile a list of 2021 wedding trends as we look forward to the year ahead. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of people who were forced to postpone or even cancel their wedding plans. Then there are those who had to downsize their weddings because of the restrictions that were in place. Much as things are still a bit gloomy, we still need to look at the bright side and give ourselves hope that we will have a better 2021 and weddings are going to happen.

So as we forecast for the year ahead, color palettes, wedding decor, floral inspiration, and new wedding reception trends should we expect and look forward to? Scroll on to find out...

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Modern wedding decor and trends

Every year, wedding trends evolve. For that reason, wedding magazines and websites online have to tell us what the latest wedding trend is. We have been used to the excitement of weddings for years on end. Some are totally hyper-personalized. Now we cannot run away from the fact that the coronavirus has really screwed so many people's weddings. The effects of the virus are definitely going to affect the 2021 wedding trends. So we cannot overlook the fact that now we need new wedding reception trends, newer experiences, in order for couples to be able to capture the memories of their special day.

The thing is, weddings are not coming to an end. What is happening is that people have to embrace our new reality. Trends usually develop from necessity. Now we have to consider doing weddings in a totally new way. So people now have to merge necessity with what is new. Well here are some trends we expect to see in 2021 that can serve as wedding tips as you plan your dream wedding.

The guest entry points

The new norm is hand sanitizing, washing hands, and social distancing. Well, at the guest entry points, we will definitely expect to find hand sanitizing points as well as some simple rules on how to stay safe and social distancing signs. We will expect to find ushers insisting on people to wear their masks at all times.

Right now the new wedding trend is the downsizing of weddings to much smaller, intimate, and manageable numbers. Since the numbers are smaller, people will start adopting a more guest-centered approach where the guests might even get a send-off package to carry home.

So at the wedding entry, we will expect well-designed welcome boxes or gifts. There are those couples who will are already designing masks for their guests to match with their wedding decor 2021. So these are some of the things we will find in those welcome boxes. So basically, these welcome packages are packed with things to ensure the guests attending the event will be safely housed. Masks, hand sanitizers are some of the things that will accompany the programs at the guests' entry points.

Tents, twinkly lights, and outdoor events.

For 2021 wedding trends as instructed and recommended by the CDC and other health officials, we will be seeing more outdoor weddings. Already, they are happening. Not just in the US but all around the world. This new wedding trend has brought about a surge in the interests in wedding tents because of weddings being done outdoors. And with the tents also necessitates tinkly lighting in order to add some romantic ambiance to these special occasions.

For wedding decor 2021, people are leaning towards more fresh air as well as nature. Outdoor weddings have started and will keep stealing the show in 2021 as people move away from ballroom weddings. Wedding outdoors can be one of the perfect spring wedding trends. The thing is, outdoor events are safer because for one, maintaining social distancing will be easier. Also, that unlimited supply of air totally needed during these corona times.

So if you are planning a wedding in 2021, talk to your planner and ask them to recommend whimsical and elegant tented options. If the event will be going well into the night as most weddings do, make sure you have lighting technicians on standby to create both the ambiance as well as assist if there is any technical hitch. So on your wedding planning checklist, make sure to include some great drapery and lighting to decorate your tent. If your planner is good he or she will be able to turn that outdoor event into a bright, airy, elegant, fairytale affair.

Mini hors d'oeuvres

Smaller plates are now becoming more fashionable. For instance, we are seeing them served on grazing boards for each individual. The thing is we need to keep things safe and sweet. Couples and their planners are coming up with ways to ensure that safety is observed as they celebrate their unions. We are now preferring individualized bite-size portions. The other thing that we will see is fancy disposable serving plates. While they give the guests the reassurance of safety, they are convenient for the planners and the presentation does wow the guests too.

Mismatched seats

This is one of the wedding colors 2021 trends that has got no connection to the coronavirus pandemic. Asymmetry is becoming very fashionable. I am sure you have been to or have seen one wedding in a magazine where bridesmaids are wearing mismatched dresses. Suddenly when we talk about modern wedding decor, planners and wedding organizers seem to have pushed this craze to mismatched seating under those outdoor tents of theirs. Now, wedding tables and seats are no longer matchy-matchy. Mismatched seems to be the in-thing.

The other thing is there is some asymmetry to the whole wedding affair. Before, when you looked at the seating area, for instance, all chairs and tables were standardized. For instance, if they settled on square tables, all tables in the seating area would be square. Today, we are seeing more mismatched themes. The tables are mixed. So you would find some that can accommodate two people, other tables 6 people. Maybe they are a reflection of the times where for instance, a family coming to the wedding from the same household are can be lumped together. One thing for sure about these 2021 wedding trends is that they photograph spectacularly.

The toasts are diminishing too

As the wedding attendances shrink to more intimate sizes, one of the spring wedding trends that we will see is that the guests are also being very intimate. This means we expect to see guests at a wedding who have very close relations with the couples. Now even if a lot of people would get up and give their toasts, next year we are going to see tiny toasts where only close family members will be sharing memories of and about the couple.

Imagine how intimate and casuals the wedding speeches will be knowing that the people you are addressing share lots of common memories with you. The wedding parties will stop being so formal, with formal speeches and they will have a casual, dinner party feel. So no more need for guests to prepare and rehearse those speeches. Just keep them small, simple, and casual.

Cafe style entertainment

Seeing as weddings are now moving to more semi-formal and relaxed settings and environments, the entertainment also has to match this feel. Right now the entertainment and performances at weddings are going bistro or cafe-style.  Most wedding planners and magazines are expecting a surge in acoustic performances and more relaxed performances. You can also hire a DJ to play bistro songs.

Colors with a fresh flair

Wedding colors 2021 are leaning towards fresh color palettes and prints. The 90's trend seems to be gaining popularity. We will see couples in 2021 incorporating fresh and nature-like hues in their wedding decor. We also expect bold, colorful, and unexpected colors as people dismiss the usual and expected whites and creams. The wedding decor is moving away from dull to fun, happy, and bright!

The outdoor lounge

With the 2021 wedding trends, we will be seeing couples taking the living room outdoors. What we will be seeing is couches, microfiber,  plush pillows, and throws being perfectly used outdoors. No much modification to the living room settings. They will look like they have been plucked straight from the living rooms and placed in an airy field. It's all about making the outdoors be as comfortable as the indoors can be.

So ask your planners and coordinators to pick out comfortable chairs and lounge-seating furnishing offering comfort and warmth outdoors. If you opt for the lounge setting for your guests, then make sure that besides them being beautiful, they should also be plush enough to offer comfort because chances are your guests will be seated for longer.

Even with the outdoor lounge, incorporate some greenery and make it cozy by adding other natural elements. Just let your living room decor blend seamlessly outdoors and you and your guests will for sure have a wedding worth writing home about.

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    My nephew's getting married soon and I made masks for him and his siblings, consisting of photos of their parents. This is done by printing photos onto fabric paper. For dark fabrics, use fabric paper formulated for dark fabrics, fabric paper for light fabrics. I used an HP PhotoSmart printer set on a photo layout of four wallet-sized pictures on 4x6 sheets of fabric paper or at photo kiosks in some stores. The masks were pre-made cotton with seamless fronts. Wash them before applying. Center the image on the mask and following the fabric paper instructions, press in circular motions. Let cool, yet warm enough to slowly peel away the paper backing. Masks with the images of the bride and groom will make great mementos of that joyous day.

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