Top tips on how and where to meet singles men

Posted by James, 01 Jun

You are looking to meet singles men but you have no idea where to begin your search? We got to admit that the dating scene can be hard for most. This is simply because people's lives have become busier. It can be rough out there. Most women are not ready to put themselves out there. At the same time, some still feel like its the man's place to make the first move. Others are scared of the rejection that might come with making a pass at someone. And don't get me started on the competition!

Well, things don't really have to be as we assume and perceive them to be. Read on to find out how to meet men and where...

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How and places to meet single men

For women who are looking for places to meet good men one piece of advice, I will give you is that you won’t find them in a bar. There are several ways you can begin your search for the right man outside the bar. How will that conversation even go in a very loud place? Will you yell at each other as you get acquainted? I don’t think this is pretty especially if what you are going for is a serious long-term relationship. The thing is, after spending the whole night waiting to meet someone nice at a crowded bar in no vain, chances are that you will end up settling for any tom, dick and harry you bump into in your last hour.

So, we know that the bar scene is being faced out as one of the places to meet men. This is because it is hard to trust a man whose goggles are tequila influenced. Chances are they might wake up and blame the attraction they felt for you on the alcohol. That is not to say that we are ruling out the bar scene completely. I know of a lot of couples who have met this way

In order to find someone you are interested in, you need to be able to see him with a sober mind. Plus you need to be irresistibly sexy. There are better ways to meet men these days. That said, here are some that you might find interesting that can guide your journey to meet singles men...


If you are wondering about how to find a guy to date, think meeting them through family or friends as opposed to the streets, the gym or the bar. You have better chances of meeting a great guy through an acquaintance. If you want to meet someone special, start building a network. Most couples in relationships will tell you that they met their special someone through a friend. The more friends you have, the higher the chances of meeting some man they know. Friends of your friends will definitely play a key role in introducing you to their close friends you probably never would have met.

Now what we are going for is not for them to plan blind dates for you. Capitalize on the parties they hold and the casual introductions. Instead of seating and wondering how to meet a guy, you will actually be getting ahead when you network because you will be meeting more single men and test the waters. Don't take this lightly. Every connection is a potential mate.

Do not ignore your neighbors

I know they say "Don't poop where you eat". But trust me, if the well has been that try, this is a chance worth taking. The best places to meet men sometimes end up being just a stone throw away. If you live in a neighborhood that has lots of activities that the neighbors need to be involved in, then take advantage of that.

Don’t ignore that co-worker’s or a neighbor's housewarming party. Much as you might not meet that person, you get to make friends and connections with the people you meet there. And this can lay a good foundation for meeting single men in the future. The people you meet might set you up with someone you like later.

So if you are walking home from work and you find that there is some party that your neighbors have, much as they call it gate-crushing, how about easing yourself into it. I know enough people who have met their one true love within their neighborhood. If he is single, then be nice and friendly. You never know!


The good thing with volunteering is that it brings like-minded individuals who have similar values together. Plus, there is nothing as good as the assurance that the man you might meet is selfless and has a caring side to him.

When looking for a partner, having that common ground is the best way to strike a great conversation with a man. And the volunteering together puts you at an advantage. It can spark instant chemistry.

The thing that makes volunteering a great way to meet men is the fact that it creates friendship first. So the bond that you and this special someone goes way beyond just sex and romance. You get to bond with this man over the volunteering work you are involved in.

Join a Co-Ed sport

Most men have the sports gene in them. And taking a sport in the neighborhood can actually help with expanding your network and increase the chances of meeting a man. Don’t ignore those community sports groups. They might just be the best link to meeting that special someone. Even if you just make friends, that won’t be the worst. Those friends you make definitely have friends of their own. And the next time one has a social event and invites you, then this will be your chance of meeting one single one that you might have chemistry with.

Try online dating

Cheesy as it may sound, everyone is doing it. It's the easiest way if you are looking for single guys in my area. The good thing with online dating when searching for where to meet men is that you can narrow your search by location. Busy? Don't sweat it. Your fingers can do the searching for you.

Online dating might seem too convenient but it has worked for many ladies who have been wondering where to meet nice guys. There are lots of success stories on dating websites that can prove that this is true. Our site has managed to link up thousands of singles together. Thinking about marriage? It's happened. Plus if you are searching for a place of where to meet a good man then follow the join us for free today. You will be amazed at the database of fine men that we have. Plus, you can meet them at chat rooms and connect with them or chat them privately.

Age doesn’t matter. You can meet men of all ages on online dating sites. This is a better way to meet singles men because you can narrow your search as opposed to randomly searching for strange men in public. You don’t want men thinking you are creepy.

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