Tips on how to cut your own hair

Posted by Nalini, 29 Dec

If you are looking for smart ways on how to cut your own hair or trim it at home here are some tips for you. Don't forget to watch the instructional video.

So how do you cut your own hair perfectly?

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These days, people look for ways to cut costs. Search for a DIY video on anything and you will find it. This article contains detailed ways on how to cut your own hair. However, if it is a complicated haircut, I would recommend sparing a few bucks and going to a professional hair stylist. A lot could go wrong when you're handling scissors... especially if it’s your first time. But, if you just want a quick trim then allow me to show you how you can go about cutting hair at home.

Before you even begin cutting hair at home, there are some things you need to factor in as per the little research carried out for you by Love Is All Colors

Things to factor in when cutting your own hair

  • What will be the best sitting or standing position that will give you enough access based on the look you are going for? Make sure you are comfortable and in control throughout the cutting process.
  • Buy a good and sharp pair of scissors. A good pair of scissors is very essential if you want to have a good haircut.
  • If possible, try having someone there with you to give you feedback and evaluate the haircut from all angles before you step out with the look. Sometimes, the mirror can mislead you. Make sure, whoever you choose is someone who can be brutally honest with you.
  • Decide on the hairstyle. Check out pictures of celebrities or hairstyle magazines. Whatever haircut you settle on, make sure it suits your face. Your facial features need to be similar to the model wearing the haircut you settle on.
  • Decide whether the hair should be wet or dry for the haircut. Generally, it is recommended to cut the hair when wet because its way easier to manage and control in that state. On the other hand and according to some professionals, cutting the hair when its dry has its own advantage too. It allows you to access the effect of the cut and make quick adjustments if you are dealing with curly hair that has cowlicks.
  • If you are cutting your hair when its wet, start by shampooing and conditioning the hair. Dry off excess water by wrapping a towel around the hair and dabbing it gently. Comb the hair straight. If you usually straighten your hair, make sure you do so before the cut. If you are cutting it when it is dry, avoid using hair products that might affect the texture of your hair.

Ways of cutting different hairstyles

The high ponytail method - Cutting hair into layers

  • Wash, dry and straighten the hair especially if your hair is frizzy. When cutting hair using the ponytail method, it is important to have the hair dry.
  • Tip your head and brush the hair up into a ponytail just above your forehead. Determine how long you would like the front layer to be.
  • Proceed to shear off the ponytail at the desired length. Once you are done chopping it, hold the scissors in an upward direction and snip the ends. (Please refer to the video for illustration.) Let your hair down and admire that layering.

The low ponytail method - Slightly rounded look at the back

  • This is a wet cut hairstyle. All you need to do is part the already wet hair in the middle, comb it back and tie an elastic band at the back of the head.
  • Place a second elastic at the desired length. Chop the excess hair after the second ponytail holder.
  • Remove the elastic holds and shake hair into position.

Cutting curly hair

There are many videos on how to cut your own hair short. However, cutting curly hair can be quite tricky. How do you cut your own hair especially if it’s curly without messing the entire hair up?

  • Wet the hair a bit in order to make it easier to detangle. Always use a wide-toothed comb in order to minimize breakage.
  • Dry the hair since with curly hair, the length might vary based on whether it's wet or dry.
  • Separate your hair into the section to enable you to control the cut better. Pull the hair bit by bit, access it and trim the ends of the damaged curls.
  • Separate the trimmed curls from the untrimmed curls.
  • Once done, style as desired.

Cutting your own hair is not such a hard task. All you need is a little patience and caution. Remember to check out Youtube tutorials that give step by step instructions on the best way to cut your own hair.

If you are always admiring people with great curls, how about reading this post on curly hair tips.

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