Tips for a great sex drive

Posted by Juan, 15 May

Having and maintaining a great sex drive is something that most couples strive for. This is the reason that the subject of sex has been widely researched and a lot of articles written about it. People are always looking for ways to have the best sex ever. Sex is one very important element in every relationship. And the lack of it can put a strain even to the most solid relationships. Unfortunately, different individuals have got different sex drives. But for a couple it pays to try and maintain a balance that works for both of you.

Read on Latinolicious to find out how sex is important in a relationship and things you can do to become better at it.

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Sex ideas for a better sex life

Most people want to know how to be good in bed. There are very few individuals who don't care about how to please their partners. We are always trying to find these answers. Are there foods that can make sex better and improve on libido? What are some of the great positions? What more can I do to pleasure my partner better?

Sex plays an important role not only physically but mentally. Sex has helped some people lose weight. Sex reduces stress. About 50% of women have low libido. This can be caused by various things in our lives and lifestyles. Stress, disease, alcoholism, hormonal imbalance are some of the things that can affect it. Well if you are here then I am sure you are going to be at least somewhat receptive to some of the ideas we have for you on how to be good in bed and how to maintain your sex drive and have great sex.

Reduce stress in your life

Now, we might have very little influence over this cause of low sex drive. Wherever we turn, there is always something that can contribute to stressful situations. That said, we can at least try to reduce some of the stressful situations and strike some balance in life. Now if stress is what is contributing to the low sex drive, ask for help. Reduce the load you are taking on whenever possible. Get more rest and sleep. If the stress is being caused by relationship issues, seek professional help as a couple. Try and regain that connection you might have lost. And the most important thing is to talk about it. Let sex be something you can discuss with your partner.

Reduce the effects of illness

Being physically ill can have a negative effect on one's sex drive. Injury, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses such as depression are some of the things that can affect even couples who once had the best sex ever. Look for ways that you can reduce how illness is affecting your libido. Talk to your doctor. Your doctor can suggest things you can do and lifestyle changes you can make in order to regain your mood. For instance, your doctor might suggest more rest. Rest enough and focus on getting better. Diet can also assist in boosting your mood and help you heal faster. A little exercise might also play a role in getting you into shape faster.

Reduce alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and cigarettes abuse has been linked to reduced sex drive over time. Plus, those who abuse it end up blacked out half the time hence reducing the number of times a couple actually has sex. There is no short cut here. Change your lifestyle by cutting back on cigarettes and alcohol. Your partner will thank you for it.

Work on balancing your hormones

While women approach menopause, their sex drive starts decreasing. The reduction of estrogen levels can make women feel less desire. And they find themselves having less desire for that great sex they once had. Luckily, there are remedies for this. There are so many vitamin tablets that are suited for women and that can help balance these hormones and boost the sex drive.

Seek help for psychological issues

Mental illness really affects one's libido. Yes, one might think that some don't require treatment. However, these are the ones that can really affect one's desire for sex. Things like lack of confidence and low self-esteem can really make someone lose the desire for sex. Whatever is causing your lack of confidence, work on it. Things like emotional abuse from a partner can also affect you negatively. Always seek help from a professional and better yourself, both inside and out!

Get Medication

People find it very hard to get drugs for their sex problems. Question is: Are you willing to risk your relationship just because you are too proud to get help? Visit your physician or go get some over the counter medicine and save your relationship.

Hope the above sex ideas will be helpful. Looking for something interesting? Read this article on how some parents filmed a sex video of a couple doing it on a plane!

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