Step Away From the Computer: 3 Outdoor Activities to Bring You Closer

Posted by James, 28 Sep

In a new relationship, the beginning is both the best and worst part. Everything is exciting and new, but that's part of the problem, right? It takes time to get to know each other and create the bond that will hold your relationship together, sometimes even more so if you meet online. If it's time to move past the online communication and into the outside world, these activities will help you get outside, get active and get to know each other better at the same time.

Go on a Picnic

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If you want to start small and simple, a picnic would be just the activity for you and your date. Add a little wine, a home prepared meal, some ambient music - and you have a luncheon al fresco. You could score bonus points for your classicism, enjoy the open air, communicate without the city's loud distractions, and let nature work its wonders on you both. All you'd require would be a few groceries and quiet locale. Plus, the whole shebang would likely cost less than an evening out at a loud bar or restaurant.

Go Camping

Speaking of classicism, nothing says "the great outdoors" like camping. Camping is a prime choice of outdoor activity for couples looking to bond for several reasons. Most importantly, camping eliminates the everyday distractions from both of your lives; you are far away from work and hassles allowing you to focus more on each other in a new and engaging environment. Camping with someone can also reveal a lot about their character, especially what he or she chooses to pack. What is it that they can't go without for a couple days? The answer to that question could ignite an interesting, potentially insightful conversation alone. Find Black Friday deals on camping supplies and get going on your outdoor adventure.

Go Boating

For those fortunate enough to live near a lake or ocean, the option of taking a date out on a boat is an alluring one. Preferably, you own a boat; likely, you know someone who owns a boat; worst case scenario, you have to rent one, but for a few hours of quality bonding time on the romantic waters, it will be worth it. The water creates a natural calming and lulling effect on people that is ideal for setting the stage for meaningful conversation. Depending on the mood you aim to set, choose a daytime or nighttime boat excursion. A day voyage for a more playful and adventurous date, or in the evening for an intimate, stargazing event.

Added Bonus: Being Outside Makes You Feel Good

Psychologically, being out in nature is linked to a sense of well-being and contentment. Countless stories attest to this fact. Additional research indicates that participation in outdoor activities for an extended period actually results in a feeling of creativity and openness. With the social, psychological, and bonding benefits that an outdoor date may hold, seize the day and your date and get to know each other better outside.

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