PR exec charged for sexually assaulting women he met online

Posted by James, 13 Sep

online dating safetyMost of us rely on the internet to find love and over the years most people have managed to get over their fears that the internet is a dangerous place to search for love. But lately there has been some disappointing news that has been tied to online dating. A Perth woman just got fleeced out of $100 000 in some online scam by some dude, a Californian woman recently sued a dating site because she was raped by a man she discovered was a registered sex-offender who she met on site, and now this? Who would have thought a whole PR executive spent some of his nights raping women he met online?

Ignacio "Ian" Carillo, 37, former vice president at Flowers Communication Group was charged with raping two women he met online. In the most recent attack, Carillo went on a date with his victim ( a 33-year-old woman he met online) and after bar-hopping on Lincoln Park, he reportedly pinned the victim against his Porsche at the parking garage and raped her – not just once; TWICE!) As if that wasn’t enough, he tried to take the woman to a motel to have his way with her again but she demanded to be taken home. He then dumped her a block away from her home where she called her sister who took her to hospital.

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When the woman came forward, Carillo was linked to another sexual attack case for a rape occurred in 2009, where he took a 38-year-old woman on a date, drugged her, took her to a motel and raped her.

Dating sites now have to be more vigilant in their screening which now includes screening registered sex offenders. But this can only take care of previous offenders. So what happens to guys like Carillo who aren’t on the national registry?

See, dating in general can sometimes be a dangerous affair – whether you meet online or otherwise, some of these things can happen. The best advice is to be cautious and follow the safety tips that most online dating sites provide for its members. Much as dating sites are doing all they can to ensure online safety, when you make the decision to meet someone offline, you need to be even more careful.

Safe dating guys.

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  1.   odel68 says:
    Posted: 20 Sep 11

    when i ask a woman out, if we have no prior relationship such as co-workers, i always ask her to meet me at the location of our date. that way if she is feeling uncomfortable or there is no attraction on her part she is free to leave and not be dependent on me for a ride home. james

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