Planning a Valentine's Day for the (Photo) Books

Posted by James, 26 Jan

Valentine's Day. The holiday that raises female's expectations and has males dreading the pressure put on them to outdo their girlfriend's significant others. And pressure isn't for guys alone. Many women feel the weight of having to come up with something creative for their man, while not overdoing the sappiness factor. It can be a hard day to navigate, but luckily, the day of love and romance doesn't have to be your worst nightmare. In fact, it can actually be fun (no, really - it can be). If you want a fabulous day that is worthy of social media bragging, consider the following ideas:

Orchestrate Photo Ops for Facebook

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If you're a guy, you may not care that much about how your Valentine's Day will appear to others on Facebook. But, more likely than not, your gal pal will want all of her friends to swoon over the V-Day you give one another. So, make it easy for her to do a little bragging about you. When planning your activities, make sure that one part of each stop includes a picture-perfect photo op that can be quickly posted to Facebook.

One idea is to take your lady on a good, old-fashioned date. Show up at her door, ring the doorbell and have a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers in hand. Time for photo number one. Then, go to her favorite restaurant where you have planned a stunning flower heart as the table centerpiece and her name is spelled in candles. You guessed it - photo op number two. This may be a little over the top, but even if your girlfriend has more simple tastes, you can still be sure the day gives her plenty of picturesque moments to snap.

Sprinkle in Some Mystery With Snapchat

As a woman, it can be tough to know how to handle Cupid's famous day. Most guys aren't interested in receiving flowers, and you may not know how romantic to make it, especially if your relationship is in the early stages. If this is the case, why not use Snapchat to get the Valentine's Day engine revved?

One idea is to create a simple scavenger hunt for your boyfriend. Send him a snap in the morning of a clue to his first stop. For example, send him a close-up of the mail key and have his favorite jersey waiting for him on top of the mailbox. Then, send a picture of a hotdog and beer. Lead him back to you where you'll be waiting with tickets to his favorite basketball team's next home game. It's a good idea not to schedule something for Valentine's Day since guys typically (though not always) take the reins of V-Day date plans. Overall, think of something to get your guy excited without going over the top.

Put the Love in Lovestagram

When you're thinking about photo-geared social platforms, you'd be remiss not to include Instagram. If you and your sweetheart are regulars on the photo-sharing platform, you can each make a melt-worthy customized slideshow of special photos. Lovestagram allows you to make a slideshow that you can send via email. And, of course, you can connect with Instagram and easily share your masterpiece with all your friends.

While photos from special dates throughout the course of your relationship are sweet, take it to another level by giving your slideshow a theme. If you and your significant other's relationship is marked by a shared sense of humor, make this a compilation of all your funny-face pictures. Or, if you and your husband just welcomed your first baby this past year, make one that shows your journey to parenthood. Overall, aim for the piece to be meaningful and show the effort put into it.

Whether you end up having a moonlit picnic, riding side by side on horseback or going to a nice dinner, your Valentine's Day can be unique and photo ready. Keep in mind the social media platforms you and your love are most likely to use, and tailor your activities and aesthetics toward them. With a little bit of thoughtfulness and some creativity, your Valentine's Day is sure to be packed with a lot of heart.

Either way, remember have fun and spread the love.

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