Online dating: Drop the guilt and shame!

Posted by James, 23 Nov

online datingYou rarely log in because for some reason you feel guilty and shameful about trying out online dating. So what do you do? You log in once every two months then you are the first to wonder why you haven’t met someone a year down the line? And then you keep demoralizing others who want to give it shot a with the “online dating doesn’t work” stories and how online dating is a waste of time and money. It’s called online dating… literally BEING ONLINE is the main requirement.

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Imagine a potential mate viewing your profile only to be bombarded by: "Last Seen: One month ago". Yeah he/she will email alright… Who bothers with someone who is never online; who wants to waste online time by sending a message to someone who might never read it? Plus how do you expect to utilize all online tools and special offers at your disposal if you are never online?

I don’t think scheduling online dating say twice a week in the evenings ever killed anyone. Plus why the guilt and shame? There is a reason you became a member in the first place: To find love. And there is a second reason: You've heard that it has worked for others. Drop the guilt and shame ! Log in, chat. See how many 'flirts' (or what special offers) you missed while you were away those few days. Catch up with others, reply emails and send those flirts and emails yourself. Just make a regular appointment with your dating site and follow it.

You are looking for love. Nothing to feel guilty or shameful about. Just DROP IT!!!

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