Oh No! He didn't just send us the same message!

Posted by James, 26 May

When it comes to online dating, the rule for success is to expand your horizons, cast a wider net! But what happens when the wide net you cast isn’t wide enough?

Picture this: You sent a the same introductory message to a number of women online. Then two of them liked you and and you liked them too and kept on with the online communication . So as we know women like to tell their friends about the new man or potential man in their lives. And when this woman brags about you, showing her pals the messages you have been sending her, the other one goes … "OH NO HE DIDN’T! The same introductory message? I am also in serious communication with him".

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Here is the thing: The dude cast a wide net. He narrowed it down to the two women he really likes. And since these two are friends, its no wonder it came down to these two because they probably share the same interests … even a similar tastes in men. Do we fault the guy for this?

What do you think is the best advice for these two friends who have found themselves in such an awkward situation with a guy they both consider “potential”? Write him off or hang in there; both crossing fingers that "he’ll choose me" or "she’ll soon tire of him and leave him all to me?" How would you handle such a situation if you ever found yourself in one?

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  1.   cakelady says:
    Posted: 29 May 12

    Both women should dismiss him...They dont want a man or anyone for that matter to come between a friendship. It is online they have no clue who he really is...he could describe himself as Prince charming and really be a frog that will never be kissed. Why cause potential conflict between friends?

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  2.   shydude74 says:
    Posted: 28 May 12

    tough one only one of them can win though,unless they want to share the man,some women do but most arent about that.

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