Multicultural dating-the modern mix

Posted by James, 07 Apr

Most people of the present generation have the freedom not to fret over color and ethnicity in friendship and relationship choices. The older generation however, disapprove of it… feeling defensive that they may be losing their cultural traditions, value and identity. Some people view it as turning against one's own culture. Some think that mixed race relationships will eventually cause their cultures to shrink or die out.

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I've never understood the problem with multicultural dating. As far as I'm concerned, ethnicity should be no reason for people not to date. And whether we view such unions as positive multiculturalism or not, the truth is that mixed culture relationships are a fact of life. This is due to the fact that the younger generations have had the chance to grow up in multicultural communities, allowing them to interact with individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

So why is it still so hard to find a suitable term to describe mixed culture people? Why is it so hard for the older generation to accept such relationships as any other kind of relationship? Do people of mixed culture feel caught between two stools or are they nestling in the best of both worlds?

It’s the modern mix… your opinion counts!!!

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  1.   Smile4242 says:
    Posted: 31 Mar 09

    It has always been the same. When the Irish and Germans came to the U.S. and started to marry and mix, the elders disapproved. Now there aren't any pure Germans or Irish left in the U.S. except maybe those who just got here. We now have a race called "White" that resulted from the mixing. When the different African tribes got here, they too mixed, creating a new race called "Blacks." And then the Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian races mixed to create the "Asian." And then we have the Hispanics, which are a mix of Spaniards, Native Americans and Blacks, creating a sea of colors ranging from White Hispanics, Mestizos, Mulatos, and Black Hispanics. The whole of America is one great mixing pot. At first, the similar colors mixed. Blacks mixed with blacks, browns mixed with browns and whites mixed with whites. But now, after all the mixing is done within those colors, we now turn to mix all those colors together, black, brown, yellow and white mixed together, until.. we are left with... humanity... or more likely, a new race called... the Americanos. Truly, the modern mix.

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  2.   Demetrius says:
    Posted: 20 Apr 07

    Leggs, Absolutely true sister. Rock on. One Love!!! D.

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  3.   Fala says:
    Posted: 15 Apr 07

    Good point Legs. You go girl!

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  4.   Legs34 says:
    Posted: 10 Apr 07

    There will always be those who help perpetuate the gap between races....but as time goes on and as the world changes, eventually the gap between races will be so narrow it will be difficult to see that gap. We will always have our differences.....instead of being judgemental of that, we should delight and celebrate it.

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  5.   Fala says:
    Posted: 08 Apr 07

    Happy Easter - whatever culture you're from.

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  6.   Fala says:
    Posted: 07 Apr 07

    I would definitely say i'm nestling in the best of both worlds.

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