Is it necessary to fuss over the interracial question in politics?

Posted by James, 26 Jul

Anything can bring an individual's political career down. But when politicians and voters alike constantly keep flashing the race card, especially the interracial card when speaking ill of political aspirants, one tends to question our nation’s growth on race relations.

Over years, interracial issues have been used to instill voter insecurity. For some people, just the mere association with people of other races has been mentioned by their opponents like it’s a deal breaker in politics. And looking back, it seems like this is a trend that isn’t about to die: Thomas Jefferson underwent years of criticism for marrying Dusky Sally, a mixed race slave; Harold Ford Jr. being dubbed a "white woman-loving playboy" in 2006.

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Why would some politician's interracial relationships lead to his or her political competence being questioned? I don’t think making someone’s private affairs public news is fair to anyone, especially when the issue being raised is about race of their mates. Obama had a white girl in college; Sarah Palin dated a Black athlete. Do we have to make such things political news? Do they even have any bearing on someone’s political maturity and ability?

We believe we are a colorblind nation. Hell we insist; always making reference to how we elected a Black president; one whose competence was questioned by many because of his color. We claim race is irrelevant. So why this entire obsession?

Much as interracial associations may be used to bring down politicians, some politicians use it to their advantage. Bill de Blasio did; making his interracial marriage the center of his campaign for Public Advocate in New York City. But instead of voting for a person’s character, why do we vote for their past and present interracial love lives too?

Are we really post racial?

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  1.   arlandf says:
    Posted: 27 Jul 12

    No, It isn't necessary. Whoever the person date/marries, that is their business. I am thinking about running for a political office and I will most likely have a non-black wife and some mixed children.

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  2.   dave_74 says:
    Posted: 26 Jul 12

    Any where else in the world , this wouldn't be an issue. But in good ol' USA, it definately is an issue of how many if any people you have dated out of your skin tone. Want to run for political office in the USA? 1) marry own race 2) go to church (or at least make the media believe you go to church) this way you can preach christian values and cover up all the crappy things you might have done/ are still doing. 3) stay fit, and smile, just like how we all want a good looking partner, statistics show that we also favour an attractive person in charge ( example, Sarah Palin was the hottest mess that ran for office)

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