Imperfect culture? I love you still

Posted by James, 20 Feb

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When I came I cross this video, I couldn't help but notice the comment that came with it - " guess that guy puts up with those beatings cause she's so flexible " :)

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Imagine having to put up with a culture where on the wedding day, instead of whisking your bride off to some secluded place, you must prove to the whole community that the lady is a virgin, by having sex with people surrounding you so they can carry around the white bloody sheet on which you consummated the marriage on. :roll: Or marrying into a culture where close family must sleep in the same room with the remains (corpse that is) of the deceased. :evil: You think that’s strange..? You have another think coming.

Well there is this couple that decided to take the phrase “till death do us part᾿ literally. Guess what?? They are to have their wedding in a graveyard. Amsler – the guy - proposed last June, affixing to the side of the 1965 hearse _ which the two call "Edgar" _ a plate with a simple message: "Will you marry me?" Seconds later, the ring slid onto a crying Patterson's finger.

She received Edgar as an engagement gift and had only one stipulation: The wedding had to be outside, in a gazebo. Her worries were laid to rest while she and Amsler drove to her dad's house. While traveling on Interstate 44, Patterson spotted a gazebo on a hilltop, only to find it was in a graveyard. No worries. more...

When it comes to cultural differences, most couples have to put up with so much s*** just to be with those they love. But then again when we look at the graveyard story, it has nothing to do with culture. It’s all about compromising in order to make the other person happy and that is what we should emulate. That is where she wants to get married and the dude supports her. He doesn’t care what people will think about it or whether people will think they are members of some cult. All he cares about is that is that they get married.

So you ask yourself, are cultural differences something to worry about? Aren’t these things we can learn to live with (Like putting up with the beatings coz the lady is flexible ;-) )? Just like the chocolate chip cookie in video clip above, our cultures may be different or even seem imperfect in the other person's eyes but so long as we love each other, who gives a rats a**!!!

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  1.   yngatheart says:
    Posted: 01 Jul 08

    Beware of east-Europeans. Don't let the Russians come! It is an invasion of sociopathic opportunists. In that culture the men must become submissive and the men must continuously submit to their female's dominance or there will be blood. I know because I fell for it and tried one. Search the Internet for "Opportunistic Russian Women".

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  2.   Fala says:
    Posted: 22 Mar 07

    I don't worry too much about cultural differences. Most people have more in common than they think. We just spend so much time concentrating on the differences that we fail to see it.

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