"I'm Not Racist" Music Video - Revolutionary or Racist?

Posted by James, 14 Sep

“With all due respect I don't have pity for you black n*ggas, that's the way I feel

Screamin' "Black Lives Matter" All the black guys rather be deadbeats than pay your bills”

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The music video begins with this white man saying offensive things about black people. Is he serious? Is he the rapper, Joyner Lucas? Well, that’s the shock factor! If you didn’t know Joyner Lucas, then, believe it or not, he is black!

So what was he thinking of, doing such a video that seems to be taking a smack at his “own people”?

So the white dude is an actor. The voice is Joyner's. Then they introduce a black man sitting across the table. So basically, its kinda like a keep-it-real face off. Tell it to my face kind of thing. Say what you really think of me.

white man black man

Well, there is the mention of how blacks can use the n*gga without a care…

“As soon as I say "n*gga" then everyone react

And wanna swing at me and call me racist 'cause I ain't black”?

Why is that… really? I mean. I am white. I listen to rap. N*gga is like slang since all my favorite rappers use it, right? Well, if you are white, then it's NO!?

Much as he takes a smack at black people for adoring Tupac and wearing grills and saggy pants, he keeps saying “I’m not racist” numerous times.

This video has almost 88.5 million views. I am sure by the time I am done with this article, I will probably have to go back and check again…

Well, lemme not be too much of a spoiler. Watch it for yourself. Some pretty rough “tell it as it is” stuff. Like the white dude says: “...there's two sides to every story”. So he gives the black dude a chance to tell his, saying: “I wish that I knew yours. I'm not racist, I swear”

So the black dude begins: "Will all disrespect..."


Could this be the kind of thing we need for us to put an end to racism? The truth about what we feel about each other's race? Do we just need to vent and let the other side do the same then understand where our views and formed opinions are coming from? Maybe this is the kind of revolution we need.

Let's face it, much as we pin it all on slavery, we have to admit... All of us carry some form of baggage that makes us racist. Even those who feel victimized as the video shows can be racist too.

The video ends with some great words of wisdom...





What do you think of the video? Revolutionary or Racist? Lets continue the conversation...

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  1.   Goodday2017 says:
    Posted: 17 Sep 18

    Why is it that white folks so badly want to use that word. I've heard women call each other the b word and laugh and joke if I did there would be a problem. Roseanne made jokes about Jews if I did I'm anti Semitic. I could give more examples all people have words and things they say and do that's just for them. Everything is not for everybody. Using a word doesn't advance racial equality. Lets talk about unfair criminal justice,pay disparity,education,political corruption and systematic racism and white supremacy. That's just a few topics no one ever wants to talk about and if they do talk is all they do.

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  2. Posted: 14 Sep 18

    I am a black woman, and hate the fact many younger black men/women use this word as a term of endearment. I don't care if the -er was replaced with an a; same soup, different bowl. Makes me angry young blacks will tell WP or other non-black people they can't say that word. In my opinion, that's trying to have your cake and eat it, too. Can't have it both ways. Can't my younger BP think of a better word as a term of endearment to replace that word?

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  3.   Paganinifan says:
    Posted: 14 Sep 18

    "Why is that… really? I mean. I am white. I listen to rap. N*gga is like slang since all my favorite rappers use it, right? Well, if you are white, then it's NO!?" I have an idea! How about black people and rappers just STOP using such a disgusting word and then getting mad when WHITE people say it as they SING ALONG TO THE SONGS This is ridiculous. I want someone to tell me when they ever hear Asian people calling each other "chink" as a term of endearment. When do you hear Hispanics saying "Spic"? Oh yeah, they say "nigga" and get away with it. It's a disgusting word and by the way - if anyone was being "raaaaacist" the term "nigga" is NOT the grammatical way in which it would be said at someone. Your article is actually FEEDING the flame of hypocrisy. Are you a liberal?

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