If you want to know about men, don't ask for advice in Womenville. Just ask a man.

Posted by James, 23 Mar

advice from menWhenever a friend has relationship problem, most women like to have a sit-down to talk about it; wine in hand, men trashing in the mix… But the main agenda of these sit downs is usually to give advice to a friend who needs it – advice on how to deal with the man-behaving-badly in question. I have had the pleasure of eavesdropping on quite a number of such advice-giving sessions and to be honest, much as some of this advice might be sober or just opinions, it can only makes sense in Womenville.

I usually wish women could just go to man if they really want to know about men. Below are a few things I am sure my fellow men wish women knew about men when dishing their advice:

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  • Men are not all the same. Some men are afraid of spiders. Others hate The Super Bowl. If only women knew this. The point is: Just because some move one woman employed worked on James, doesn’t mean it will work on Dick.
  • Yes, men like women to think they are modern, open minded and flexible. Truth be told: Every man, no matter how polished he may seem, is a die hard caveman. Every man wants his woman to be a woman… not one who comes home after him. And he wants to earn more that his woman but just in case she earns more, better not rub it in his face. It’s a jungle out here!
  • Men who care will tell you the truth. So if a man tells you: you have added loads of pounds, trust me, he is only telling you what your friends and workmates are afraid of telling you or are busy sugar-coating. Don’t sulk. Such a man is a keeper! ;-)
  • Please understand that post-coital slumber is just Biology. See, some of the hormones men release after sex are prolactin and oxytocin. Prolactin makes men sleepy… oxytocin reduces stress levels; reduced stress levels = relaxation hence sleepiness. So we may not listen to half the stories you say after sex because at this point, we are battling with sleep; struggling not to snooze and snore. But just in case we do, please understand that it has nothing to do with being insensitive or unromantic… we just can’t help it.

Do you think the relationships advice women give each other on men are nothing but half truths and absolute lies?

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  1.   ramoga says:
    Posted: 01 Apr 12

    This article is so amazing. I always want a man to be open but some r not. Truth is bitter but it helps sometimes. Asking men questions has taught me a lot about how men are and think. it gives a better understanding on how they act or think the way they do.

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  2.   elle6159 says:
    Posted: 27 Mar 12

    OMG I love this James guy!!. I don't need to ask my man if i gained a few lbs. I know i've gained weight because my clothes don't fit the same. OMG why are women such glutton's for punishmnet and when they get the truth they want to say he's being mean. I have 8 brothers and they are honest to the core. After I got over crying about the truth, I embraced it. I LOVE ME!

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  3.   NOPLAYER says:
    Posted: 25 Mar 12

    IMO some women want to hear what they want to hear, so who better to go to than another woman. Men we shoot from the hip and we call it as we see it and most women dont want to hear that. I tell my female friends "dont ask me for my opinion and then get mad when I give it to you!" A woman cant tell another woman no more about a man than a man can tell a woman about women! It takes one to know one! My father told me years ago, "you'll learn more talking to woman than listening to a friend talk about one!"

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  4.   Vixen25 says:
    Posted: 23 Mar 12

    I don't believe if a man tells his woman she has added loads of pounds that means he care. Some men, if not most do it to hurt her feelings. Because if I tell a man he is fat, it means I don't like looking at his FATASS! don't mean I care.

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