Horse sh** revenge on online dating wife

Posted by James, 28 Jan

A man exerts revenge on his wife after finding out she had a profile on a dating site where she referred to him as “a complete idiot” and “completely crazy” reports the Daily Mail. As if to prove how crazy and how much of an idiot he is, he decides to give his wife an early Valentine’s day gift: He takes a track-load of horse sh** and dumps it into her wife’s beloved convertible Peugeot, all the while filming it then uploading it on YouTube.

Becky Jones, 37, from Lincolnshire, rural Britain, had left her email account open on their computer when his husband discovered that she was looking for men on a dating site. On her profile, she confesses that the husband does not know she is dating online and that she only loves two things: her horses and her car.

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"Unfortunately for you, I have the keys to your lovely convertible Peugeot. Let's see how crazy I am. So here you go, just about to get around to see the beautiful Peugeot. Happy Valentine’s Day. Okay. There you go, sweetheart," yells the husband… So uses manure from one of the things she loves and dumps it into the other love of her life: the convertible. “That should show how crazy I am,” he adds

The scorned man then waves the pictured note: "Happy Valentines! (Don't 'muck around' with me.)”

Some crazy sh** huh? Watch video below:

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  1.   secchance says:
    Posted: 01 Feb 13

    sometimes and more often then not in this thing called life (mental & physical expeiences) we all want our cake and eat it to and then there are the consequence for our greed, selfish and self center behavior. I have done worst on both sides of the coin, so who am I to judge, that's life.

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  2.   aaronthegi says:
    Posted: 30 Jan 13

    Although the man was a jerk for doing this I can't feel too sorry for the woman either. If she was married to the man she shouldn't have been on an online dating site, and if she wanted to have a divorce she should have had the balls "figuratively speaking" to tell him it wasn't working out instead of sneaking behind his back.

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  3.   summereyre says:
    Posted: 29 Jan 13

    After looking at the video, I must agree with some of the comments posted on Youtube. The video may be a fake posted for marketing for that site. However, if I'm wrong...that's just messed up. lol

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