Funny pick up lines that might even work

Posted by Nalini, 03 Oct

When approaching the members of the opposite sex, what you might think to be funny pick up lines might not necessarily be. It can be hard. Even as adults, we sometimes tend to have nerves like teenagers. You might try to be as cool as you can be but your body and mouth just give you away. That said, we have to find dates if the human race has to continue, right?

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Great pick up lines to break the ice

Sometimes, cheesy pick up lines are are all you've got to break the ice between you and the person you are dying to talk to. So long as you are not using cringy pick up lines on members of the opposite sex, funny pick up lines can be quite a refreshing break from the usual conversation starters like "What's your name?". Plus, if they don't get you a date, at least you will get a laugh out of it.

In order to ensure that you don't unleash cringy pick up lines on a stranger, let whatever you are saying be something you actually feel comfortable saying. It needs to be something that's within character for you.

These days, pick up lines aren't restricted to gender. You have probably heard guys use some of these on you. Being an empowered woman it’s time to also try out some witty pick up lines for guys. There are many that you could coin to make them suitable for the man you are eyeing. It will boost your confidence when you make that cute guy laugh.

So show off your colorful world by trying out these cheesy pick up lines which could turn out to be the best flirting strategy you have ever used to get you a flowy conversation from a stranger in a minute. The plan is to use these pick up lines for girls and guys for inspiration and then come up with a solid one that works for you.

Let's get your flirt on!

1. "Hi. Can you help me? I am really bad at pick up lines!"- This one is perfect. It is my best one so far. Much as the numbering has got nothing to do with which one's better, I just had to lead with this one. Trust me, it will get you a laugh. And it is definitely the perfect conversation starter that's for sure.

2. "Have you ever been to the Dali Museum? Cause you’re truly a work of art" - Now, first of all, for this one to work, the girl or dude should at least have an idea who Salvador Dali is. But I think it will work best when approaching someone at an art gallery, art exhibition or a museum. At least that way, even if they have no clue who Dali is, they will take an interest in knowing. And your cute pick up lines will be taken as compliments.

3. "Hi, there! Do you like English Breakfast? Because you look like you would. You’re a hot-tea!" - This is one can work in a restaurant setting.

4. "Woah! Woah! It seems a little heavy. Would you like me to hold it for you?” - This one might work of you find a girl who is bored out of her mind.

5. "I may not be good at math, but if you give me your number I’ll see if I can figure out what to do with it." - Now we have to admit that this is one of the cute pick up lines that can actually get a man to give up his number.

6. "Is that guy bothering you? No? Would you mind if I  bothered you then?" - Even if you might not get love, you will definitely get a laugh.

7. "You can kiss me if I’m wrong. But the earth is flat, right?" - Both cheesy and witty.

8. "You can drive me crazy and you won’t even need any keys!" - Such a pick up can work on a guy. It's a great way to get a guy's attention.

9. "I’ve had a terrible day, and seeing a gorgeous woman smile always makes everything better." - Try this then come lie to us that you didn't get a smile.

10. "If you game 11 roses, I wouldn't worry. Because with you, I would make a dozen."

Whatever line you choose, execution is key. Well, here are some strategies that can help smoothen out some of these lines.

Strategies for coming up with the best pick up lines ever

Figuring out a way to break the ice with a stranger isn't easy. Now there are those of us who are blessed with the natural charm - they just don't need corny pick up lines or funny pick up lines to get attention. They just go with suggestive glances or some simple moves. Unfortunately, not all of us are that confident. Nothing scares a grown man or woman more than outright rejection.

How can you make those pick up lines for girls or pick up lines for guys work for you especially if you know nothing about the object of your interest? Well, the strategy is to adapt a pick up genre to a specific situation if you want to get a chance of snagging some minutes of chit chat from that person you have been eyeing from across the room.

Keep it playful

People tend to react positively when someone approaches them with a light, playful line. These are some of the best pick up lines ever. You need to access a person's mood and pull a line that will at least get you a smile. Don't you think the "I've been looking for you my whole life" line is outdated?

Try to be funny with it...

Yes. I said try. The thing with funny pick up lines is that one has no clue what the other person might find humorous. That said, you will get the cute stranger's attention especially if the joke isn't on her. Try a line that makes fun of yourself or one that points out something amusing about the situation or the event/place you are at. You will get a banter back and before you know it, you have scored yourself a conversation.

Avoid being mean

When thinking through some corny pick up lines that you want to use on a girl, remember that it's highly likely that she will be surrounded by people. Now don't try a line that will force a woman to move away from the crowd because of you embarrassing her. That also goes for picking on the friends that the girl you are eying is with. Now if what you thought to be witty pick up lines fell on a girl, getting a little mad at her thinking she would run into your arms won't work. If your line fails, no hard feelings, just move on improving it for the next one...

Use a low  key approach

So someone has really caught your attention. But however strongly you might be feeling you need a shot with them, being pushy and persistent can be a real turn off no matter how many clever pick up lines you throw. Like I said above, if your initial line didn't spark some interest, usually its downhill all the way if you continue throwing one line after the other.

One thing that has worked with me, is once a guy through one of his 'funny pick up lines' that was a massive fail on me. You know what he did, he acknowledged that it was cheesy and introduced himself normally. He got a laugh for acknowledging his cheesy line and we got to talking.

A Little Sexy is OK

If done subtly, some of the great pick up lines are usually the sexy ones. Keep the remark a little classy. A comment about how great one looks or how a dress looks great on me can fly. Just keep off the creepy, dirty talk of "can't wait to spank that a**". Women will appreciate the approving comments about how amazing their appearance is. But if you think a synopsis of some porn video in a pick up line will fly, trust me, she might call the crowd on you to pounce on you.

Using funny pick up lines can lead to some playful flirtation if you do it right. Don't let the fear of rejection deter you from just trying. A bit of playfulness can get you a conversation and a date. Remember, good pickup lines are those that you feel comfortable and natural when they come out of your mouth.

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