Don't marry your boyfriend if...

Posted by James, 10 Feb

In the spirit of Valentine's day, this advice will not sit well. However, being the time of love and all, I am sure most ladies will be treated by their men in ways they will probably never be treated again ... of course till exactly a year later Feb, 14 ... and that is if the douche that treats you well ONLY on V Day is still hanging around. And some of us will get proposals.

Love is in the air... Anyone can catch it... Clearly, St. Valentine has proven to be some Cupid too. But are Cupids flying arrows the best reason to marry someone? Well, here is some of that misplaced Valentine's Day advice.

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    • The proposal was via text LOL

      Please don't give me the "It's the 21st Century, get with the program" BS. I mean, should you even be making excused for him? (And by the way, emails don't count either). I will only excuse a boyfriend who is in some war. But don't lower your expectations because he typed "Marry Me" and spelled the words right. Let him do it 'face to face'. It shows respect and confidence.

    • The relationships lacks honesty

      We are not just talking about his dishonesty. If you can't also bring yourself to expressing your thoughts, opinions and dreams freely, why even bother with marriage. Imagine spending the your life with someone you can't open up to... spending your life bottling up feelings... spending your life thinking or wondering whether he is also hiding things from you. Marriage is about being able to be naked without worrying about your flaws - both physical and emotional nudity.

    • He is a control freak

      Is he dictating everything about your life, who you spend your time with, where you go, what you wear? Is he proposing just get a stronger grip of you; keep you to himself? Marriage will make it worse. If while dating he discouraged you from seeing your family and friends, then you might as well bid them farewell on your wedding day. Save yourself the nightmare because more often than not, such men end up being the abusive husbands. They fear losing you so much to the extent that they would do anything... I MEAN ANYTHING to keep you to themselves.


    • If he has never met your family.

      So what's his excuse? They live far? You mean to tell me even video chat don't exist where they live? If someone who claims to love you makes no effort towards meeting your family - people whom you hold dear - that's a major warning sign.

  • Marriage aint something you jump into just because someone proposed on V day and you thought it was soooo romantic. Marriage is not a step you take because time is catching up with you. Its a huge milestone if I may call it that... make sure its one you share with the right person. His actions now are just but a sneak peak of what a future with him will be like. And to be honest, rings DON'T make things better.

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    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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