Don’t know how to get out of the friendzone? We have answers!

Posted by James, 27 Feb

Most of us can agree that being friendzoned sucks big time but this isn’t the end of the world. In fact, you can flip the coin and make everything play out in your favor. So how to get out of the friend zone? The answer is kinda simple but complicated at the same time. Keep reading!

What is "The Friend Zone"?

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Before we jump into the action, let us define what is a friend zone and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it. In layman’s terms, you are friendzoned when your crush refuses your proposition to date but wants you to be friends. In not-so-layman’s terms, it means that she kinda likes you but is still open to other propositions. Essentially, you serve as a backup in case she fails to meet the “perfect one”. But hold your horses. It can also mean that she loves male attention. So, before you go and do strange things, make sure she likes you. And if not, remember that not all is lost.

Spend time with her doing regular things

Getting out of the friend zone can be tough but remember one thing, two can play this game. Yes, you’ve heard us right. You can shift things the other way around by spending quality time with her. And don’t go on telling us that this isn’t right and that you should just part ways cause she’ll come after you once she realizes that you are awesome. This mentality is broken and will never work. You have to prove your worth. You have to show her that you are the real deal. Once you successfully prove this, the next step will come into play.

Add a little dose of jealousy and spend time with other people

making a woman jealous

The next step is to say that you don’t have time to hang out as you were invited to some party, bar or whatever. It can be anything. The reason why you want to use this scenario is that people are jealous creatures. She’ll definitely feel the difference once you aren’t around. And if by any chance she is with you, try to attract girls with body language. She’ll notice it for sure, and trust me, the effect will be tremendous. Show her that she doesn’t “own” you and that another woman might steal you in a second.

Flirt better

Flirting can be hard but don’t be discouraged. It all boils down to subject safety. What I mean is that you should not talk about her age, weight, etc. Instead, go with something like perfumes. If she wears it, it means she likes it, and if you emphasize this, she’ll definitely enjoy such a compliment. Just keep practicing and you’ll learn the gist of it in no time. It’s a nice skill and once you master it, you will be the one giving pieces of advice on how to get out of the friendzone.

Break the touch barrier

You see, people are social animals, and they like to experiment. First, they try to verbally interact, then they try to touch each other. And if everything goes well, they progress with their relationship or part ways forever. Thus, knowing how to break the “touch” barrier correctly will definitely get you out of the friend zone. We advise you to start with “accidental” touches. Make a move and see how she responds. Pay good attention to her reaction and take note. If everything goes well, she will reveal her true feelings one way or another.

Be mysterious

Being mysterious doesn’t mean you have to act like David Copperfield. What it means is that you need to be less predictable and more confident in what you do. Yep, it’s straightforward but it works flawlessly. She won’t know how to react but she’ll be sure she’s safe and sound by your side.

Change the way you look at her

flirtatious man

The main difference between friendship and a romantic relationship is a sexual attraction between two people. To break a friendzone barrier, you need to create this sexual tension between you and this girl. And the best way to do it is by literally changing the way you look at her. So, next time you interact with your crush, be confident and show her non-verbally that you find her sexy. You can look her up and down and follow up with a compliment or squint your eyes at her in a playful and affectionate way during a conversation. And lastly, stay confident no matter how she reacts. Even if she asks you why all of a sudden you look at her this way, respond with something like “I never told you this before but I think you are very sexy”.

Make a move

The last step is the most important one. This is after you've played all your cards, done everything you could, and ready to move on. Tell her about your feelings again, ask her on a date, and if she says 'no', don’t be disappointed. It’s probably for the best. Instead, try and find someone else. There are plenty of girls wandering around, be it at bars, clubs, or even dating sites where you can meet local singles.

In the end, you might not know how to get out of the friend zone but you’ll definitely know that you did an awesome job.

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