Do white women black men relationships denote acceptance in interracial dating?

Posted by James, 17 Oct

white women black men marriagesIt’s all over the internet! Americans are more accepting/tolerant/approving of black white dating. This is because of the recently released Gallop poll this month claiming a whooping 86% of us are cool with black-white marriages. And when we break it down to the young generation (18-37 years), we are talking 97%!!! Yes! You go ahead and pat yourself on the back for being so open minded. Plus, to add to this, white women black men couples are among the leading interracial couples in interracial marriages.

But do the polls and a considerable increase in white women black men relationships mean we have truly accepted interracial unions?

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See, I have chosen to focus on the white women black men couples because, they are the interracial couple that keeps stirring lots of controversy in the media and the internet and their numbers are relatively good. But much as their numbers keep rising, looking critically at percentages, as of 2010, only 0.8 percent of married white women were married to Black men while 8.1 percent of Black men are married to white women. There is such a grave disparity in their percentages. So much as in totality the numbers are good, individually, it seems Black men are more likely to be married to white women than the reverse.

Looking at the percentages of the acceptance of interracial marriage from the poll results and the actual numbers of interracial marriages in the U.S. (currently at 7.4%), there is also a disparity in the numbers. So either by acceptance, people mean they are fine with others doing it and not them or since we cant choose who we fall in love with, coincidentally, 92.6% of Americans just happened to fall in love with spouses of their own race. Alternatively, maybe there are more people in interracial relationships in general but fewer that translate to interracial marriages.

Much as there is controversy about white women black men relationships and motives behind this interracial union, we still see more and more such interracial relationships. And even if going by percentages the numbers seem minute, the thing is, even amid finger pointing, racism and a little resistance here and there, some of these couples have managed to make it to the alter and that is some great stuff! And the numbers of interracial relationships have risen considerably that’s for sure. So, YES! This notable rise in percentage definitely means a notable rise in acceptance! What do you think?

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  1.   shydude74 says:
    Posted: 30 Apr 12

    blackmale/white female is one of my favorite forms

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