Couples who meet online stand a better chance in marriage

Posted by James, 13 Jun

online marriagesAfter all the skepticism about online dating and doubts about whether marriages based on online dating work, here is some good news for couples who meet online:

You have a slightly higher chance of marital satisfaction and of staying together. This is according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

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The study found that between the year 2005 and 2012, 1/3 (35%) of married couples met online. This great percentage of online hookups that translate into marriage were astonishing even to Neil Clark Warren, the CEO and Founder of eHarmony; the company that commissioned the survey. Warren's aim was " see generally how much people were using the Internet to explore the possibility of their getting married and getting matched to someone."

Since people have been wondering whether marriages of couples who meet online work, we are pleased to announce that YES!!! They do!! As per the survey, the divorce and separation rates for those that met online was at 5.96% against those who met offline at 7.67%. As in much as its a minute difference, I am sure most people expected the numbers to be much higher for our online couples.

As Warren puts it, dating sites provide "a pool of possibilities to date and eventually marry that’s much much larger than you can assemble on your own."

How about that!!! Kudos to our online marriages. I am sure those of us who had doubts can see for themselves that online dating works... it produces successful, satisfactory marriages... ITS REAL!!! So people, get online and explore this pool of possibilities. You could be our next success story. ;-)

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  1.   misskame says:
    Posted: 25 Jun 13

    Really! I'm a 26year old lady who just wants nothing but a white guy who is loving and going to accept me just the way I'm. I don't want meaningless sex.I want more than that. Someone to love, that special someone. I'm going to wait for this person even if it takes ages. I don't want games.

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  2.   Sasejoe says:
    Posted: 16 Jun 13

    I have a very extensive dating background that spans from white girls to pakistani girls to black girls. In most dating scenarios, I would meet a girl, fall quickly, we'd start dating and then I'd realize immediately that I made a mistake and I did not like this girl at all. Since I've started online dating, which is largely due to the lack of availability in what I want where I'm at, I can say that I've had more logical meeting experiences, and the relationship that I was recently in, as a result of this site, was the best relationship that I've been in, in years. Things came up and it ultimately didn't work out, but it was a great relationship. I'm now back on the site with a lot of hope in the potential offered here.

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  3.   dave_74 says:
    Posted: 15 Jun 13

    When I first considered online IR dating, I was very skeptical. I recall spam e-mails of some beautiful young Nigerian princess with 20 million USD who just needed all my personal info and I would be rewarded with 25%. (ha ha) Then I thought , AR is just out there to get money , like any other business in the world. However I gave it a try and got a 3 month membership and meet my wife here 2 yrs ago and couldn't be happier. We had our 1st anniversary. Those success stories are real! (I know, ours is there) I can honestly say, this was the best $39 I ever spent! Thank you to this site!

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