Can women be open to the trophy husband idea?

Posted by James, 05 Sep

trophy husbandWe always hear stuff about trophy wives. Well, someone said that maybe its high time high-powered women borrowed a leaf or two from men with trophy wives, skip the soulmate cliché and find themselves trophy husbands.

According to findings of a recent Pew study, quite a big chunk of women earn more than their husbands. This elicited several articles (especially one from the New York Times) which claimed... men are benefiting more from this role reversal while portraying women as the victims.

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Most successful women are having difficulty finding men – like-minded… like-moneyed men that is. Most men, who are equally successful, have no trouble settling for a wife who is gorgeous and nice, but not an intellectual. Looking at the likes of Donald Trump, men who have it all don’t need a brainy partner to validate them. Women on the other hand want it all … love, money, intellect… Maybe the dating pool for such high-powered women would widen if they were to look for and learn to love a Mr. Good Enough. But are they really open to the idea of a trophy spouse?

Apparently, more that they even think. A study carried out by Northwestern University in 2008 revealed that, much as women believe they choose their partners based on their earning power and ambition, in reality physical attractiveness took precedence over brains and money. Some A-list women (the Demi Moores, the Madonnas…) have actually embraced the idea… which is why we hear of ‘cougars’ talking about the thrills of recreational sex with their ‘cubs’. With a life so full of success, would you even have room for an intellectually challenging spouse?

This is the kind of woman who doesn’t need a man to constantly remind her that he wears pants… tight pants… and in the tight pants there are balls… big balls! This is the kind of woman who needs to have a man who will love her, support her, travel the world with her and bask in her success… Such a woman needs … say it with me… a trophy husband.

Do you believe women are hard-wired to settle for a trophy husbands?

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  1.   serenity33 says:
    Posted: 06 Sep 10

    I agree. Women are gaining more equality in all areas and making more money than they ever did so why not just get a trophy husband because men have been doing it for thousands of years that were successful. A real successful business woman has to work really hard and doesn't have time for a really deep relationship just like a really successful man. So if you are one of these women, you might as well get some young, hot, broke man's company since you won't be spending much time with him because of all your working to increase or maintain your wealth as a woman. They say what's good for the goose is good for the gander. The only thing you have to look out for is possible cheating but maybe you won't mind if he gets a little on the side. Sometimes people cheat out of compatibility rather than someone better looking. Prince Charles cheated on Lady Diana when they were married and Lady Diana was stunning. He cheated with an older British woman who was on the homely side but had the same interests in common as him and he felt more compatible with her. So as long as you are willing to take that risk just like men take when they marry trophy wives, then I guess you are fine to go for a trophy husband. Sometimes they cheat with the same sex and the other person that they are married to doesn't mind because they don't think it is cheating if it is with the same sex. I know lots of men who have let their wives cheat only with other women as long as they didn't cheat with other men. Men that work on their bodies to make themselves very muscular and attractive in general sometimes get the model complex where they think their own sex at its physical peak is the most attractive and will marry a woman for money and be their trophy husband but cheat with other handsome muscular men. The same for guys who marry models. Models often cheat with other models because they believe that the female form at its prettiest is the peak of perfection. So it is all in the risks you are willing to take. If you are willing to take those risks, then by all means, go for that trophy husband.

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  2. Posted: 05 Sep 10

    I don't believe most women are quite ready for trophy husbands but as gender roles evolve, hopefully more will become open to the idea. I'm currently not in the financial position to be a sugar mama but when the time comes, I will certainly consider it. A financially secure man has no problem with setting the physical standards of his partner high because he can afford to do so. Women should consider the same option. So what a man doesn't make as much money as you do. Sure it's nice, but if you are already financially and socially independent, there is no harm in enjoying a young, hot, broke man's company. It's better than being alone, so by all means share the fruits of your success with a trophy husband.

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    • brownclown says:
      Posted: 02 Oct 10

      Gemini, You are a bold woman. I agree with you. We should be more open to having a trophy man as long as he knows his place so speak. It certainly beats a zero. I always wondered why the famous and very successful, lawyer and TV personality Star Jones stated in her book that she wanted to marry a millionaire. Doesn't she already have enuf' money? Why can't she talke care of a loving mate?

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