Are men more attracted to women looking to cheat?

Posted by James, 28 Oct

cheating and online datingIf you are a woman and you are looking for love online, you will get more hits from men if you express your desire to commit adultery than the nice, sincere woman who talks about how she has good values as far as being faithful goes. This is according to a study by OkCupid.

In the study, the men and women (20 each) who took part were categorized into 4 groups: "Brazen Cheats", "Married Maybes", "Recently Taken" and "Sincerely Singles." Their profiles were then placed in Oklahoma City (OK), Miami (FL), Houston (TX), Austin (TX) and Washington D.C. – cities that are supposedly the most 'unfaithful' in America according to the cheater’s dating site, AshleyMadison.

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… the female brazen cheats, were far and away the most popular group, receiving 336 messages in a week compared to 262 for sincerely single women, 129 for married maybes and 89 for the recently taken.

The men received drastically less messages than the women, but even the men brazen cheats received more messages than any other group, but for very different reasons than the women cheaters. Men brazen cheats in the Okcupid cheaters study received 44 messages in a week, compared to 18 for recently taken men, 15 for sincerely single and 6 for married maybes.

For the OkCupid cheaters study, brazen cheats meant really brazen cheats. An example of a brazen cheat's profile reads: "My profile lists me as single but I'm not going to lie to you, I AM in a relationship right now. I'm here because I want to meet someone new but I don't want my current partner to know about it."

Funny thing is, much as the female brazen cheats received more messages, most messages sent to the male brazen cheats were questioning and insulting; ranging from: "I presume this is a joke. If not then wow" to "Do you have any idea how unattractive your profile is" to "wtf are you serious?"

So why it is that women looking to cheat are more alluring to male suitors? Why do you think the male "brazen cheats" received disgusting remarks? What are your thoughts about the results of this study? Drop some lines.

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  1.   ninjadaddy says:
    Posted: 17 Jun 14

    Isn't this just Psych 101, Men are able to seperate sex from love. The women that are labeling themselves as "cheaters", men assume an opportunity for NSA sex, at least on the surface. The female back lash comes because they want to convey their disapproval based on their standard of relationship based morality or their own baggage.

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