And the greatest panty dropper is...

Posted by James, 17 May

Well, word on Yahoo! If you want to get a woman to drop her panties - like finger-snap fast -, drop the phrase "I love you". This is according to results of a recent survey of 1000 adults on Shine and Fitness Magazine. 42% of the participants voted for it with "You are so hot" being voted the second turn-on phrase by 25% of the women.

And if you were wondering whether other people are getting their freak on more than you are, the married or living together, do it 2.4 times a week; with singles at a whopping 5.3 times a week. (Darn I seriously need to get my sex life in gear - like literally.)

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Well, here is a shocker: 50% of the women surveyed want sex more often with one in two women making the first move as often as their men do. Clearly the assumption that most women prefer less sex is just that… an assumption!

And here is one discrepancy: Women said it takes an average of 39 minutes from foreplay to the big ‘O’ with men saying it takes about 45 minutes. Hmmmm! Quick question: Who is over estimating or saying what they think is the ideal length of sex time for women? No I have another one for you: Who even counts? Well clearly and as Fitness Magazine puts it: "The length of the average lovemaking session depends on who's counting." So, what’s your number?

Well, one thing we both agreed on is what the best prelude to sex is: Dinner and wine!

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  1.   ConfideNme says:
    Posted: 01 Jun 12

    This is the most ridiculous crap I've ever heard before in my life even though it may work on a woman who is unsure of herself or has low self esteem. In my world you can't just say "I love you" you have to show me, nine times out of ten I'm going to feel it before you can tell me this is bogus bullshit!!!

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  2. Posted: 31 May 12

    Do you know what kind of girl's fall for that is weak mined insecure little girl's because there not woman. You really have to have no kind of self esteem to let a man use that kind of wack game on you. Like really or you either trashy with no morals and just don't care about yourself. And to be honest love is a emotion that really shouldn't be played with that's a big low blow.

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